Antifa might just draft the rise of fascism to have a non-imaginary opponent

There was an actual historical fascist movement in Europe that fructified in the Nazi war on Europe, yet it never had too much traction in the United States or Mexico especially after the end of the Second World war. Never in my experience as an American more than 65 years has there existed a fascist movement in America of any substance. That is why the anti-fascist movement named Antifa is disorienting; one wonders who or what they really are protesting.

Antifa seems to attend any popular left-leaning cause in order to build it up to a more volatile level and piggyback the protest upwardly. They are an accelerant of crisis rather than a catalyst, although as a willing and ready go-to organization for conflict in a mercenary kind of way perhaps they may be in the call-list for any number of people looking to create civil disorder in support of a given cause.

So long as the civil disorders are someplace else, I suppose many people aren’t too concerned with the interminable unrest and protest. With the election of 2020 over and decided mostly in favor of Democrats the continuing lunatic extreme activity of Antifa because even more of an enigma. Have they just named themselves Antifa to seem for public relations purposes to have a real opponent they need to fight against in order to promote a leftist-socialist-communist agenda? Do they receive international financial support from foreign intelligence organizations or rich individuals seeking to create strife in the United States?

My one concern is that Antifa in creating an imaginary enemy will draft the creation of a real fascist party in the United States. They seem to make the existence plausible and that plausibility supports normality as a worthy opponent to an organization of ill repute that supports communist-socialist causes.

My late father was a four-year veteran of the Second World war on the anti-fascist side, yet there is no way he in the world that he would have sympathized with Antifa.  He attended college in Salem Oregon. I attended a computer programming school in Portland Ore. I would be uncomfortable in that city if were inclined to go there with its inability to support a civil social environment that is peaceful, ordinarily.

Democrats have encouraged Antifa and other uncivil methods outside the usual political structures in normalizing disorder. Hillary Clinton sought to marginalize Trump supporters and the hatred of Trump and Republicans that voted for him continues to this day.

There are at least three kinds of Republican voters. One is the rich and the would be rich that support Wall Street programs and are globalists. Fundamentally they rule the party and, in many respects, share the same ideas as wealthy Democrats. Antifa protests don’t affect those Republicans at all- their policy choices continue and wealth is concentrated.

The second kind of Republican voter is a traditional moral conservative. They are adamantly opposed to liberal Democrat policies such as abortion, homosexual marriage and atheist indoctrination. Those people are not fascist for having morally conservative thought.

Some of that second group overlaps with a third group of people sometimes sharing membership with the first two yet with distinctive, differentiating ideas for-themselves. One shared idea may be anti-social spending, one differentiating idea may be that cluster of ideas that are ill-founded scientifically including no regard for global warming problems or environmental decline, over-population and so forth. The third group also share ideas about national security with the prior two including border sovereignty. The third group is not implicitly fascist either.

A fourth element would comprise fewer than 5% of the Republican party I would guess and does have racist beliefs. They would support extremism yet usually are or were fairly quiet historically. Even with racist beliefs they do not necessarily support a fascist political agenda. Fascists were so marginalized in America before the rise of Antifa that they seem to be trying to create that political agenda themselves.

There was racism and segregation in the American south of course that slowly and methodically ended. By the 1970s blacks comprised as much as 30% of American unions and the integration of the United States was well under way. There wasn’t a Hispanic migration problem. With the radical changes in the post-Vietnam war economics and outsourcing of industry even before the end of the Cold war the political and economic policies of the United States were rapidly changing and as some have noted, splintering.

Union membership declined with the end of quality union jobs outside government unions generally. The peaceful social evolution of the United States racially transformed gradually into agitation with so many restive groups of females and minorities-even homosexuals seeking empowerment through affirmative action and unsatisfied with that, with legislation to make resistance to increasing legal and economic advantages futile. The problem was that real wages for American white men had been arrested at the 1970s level with jobs being outsourced and the influx of illegal migrant workers adding to the general average stagnation of the income of the middle class and poor as the rich simply divided new revenue among all the new workers as well as the old at the same level as formerly went to mostly white men- profits were just concentrated to the rich.

That is why the Antifa organization seems like a cargo cult of politics to me ,with its oars in the water perhaps- heading toward Niagara Falls. Increasing racial conflict tends to terminate the challenge of building non-emotional non racism. Racism develops along economic lines for economic reasons rather than rational ones. Ending racism that isn’t legally structured or built in that make require civil disobedience to end requires non-hostile normal trade and commerce relations as people move about the nation and work.





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