Chinese insouciance about chastisement is a function of toothless U.S. Gov policy

 One might wonder if the years of U.S. government nagging about China’s interminable violation of human rights would every be of any meaningful effect since Wall Street investments in China tend to trump U.S. federal hand waving. Chinese unconcern rising to insouciance in the island archipelago it is building up in the South China Sea and stocking with ships and implements for battle can’t be taken seriously when the Biden administration cannot even defend the southern U.S. border.

No one wants war of course for everyone is a loser with the excellence in weapons of mass destruction existing these days. I can even imagine a time when some oligarch will send drones to an inhabited planet to terminate the existence of potentially adverse biomass with photon torpedoes or some other unkind of particle beam device.

The Chinese victimize Muslim Uyghurs and Tibetans while trying to annex Taiwan into the eastern version of the evil empire; yet China has a two millennial old tradition of racial and territorial expansion that is difficult to counter without Mongols or some other kind of mechanized cavalry surging down from the high plains or serpents of war rising up from the sea. While great fiction dragons make wonderful stuff for movies practical political actions leading to an increase in democracy and individual human and social rights are more challenging to bring to China especially when the U.S.A. itself is finding new ways to censor free speech at social media sites and concentrate wealth in the  name of globalism.

Given the vast public debt the rich so kindly bestow upon the federal government it is no wonder U.S. government policy to chastise China for human rights violations is about as toothless as old people that fell through the cracks of dentistless Obamacare.





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