Gender uncertainty and pronouns about that in colleges and government

 In a time of increasing social demographic density a government may support population reduction via being agreeable to help pay for converting males into deluxe eunuchs with frills and chemical modification in addition to the surgery. Yet there is apparently a problem about what to title to use in reference to the former males; certainly they were men and did not become women by the conversion to deluxe eunuchs with some sort of artificial female receiving unit.

One might refer to the former makes as Euns perhaps, or neo-fems yet sir is probably wrong as it is a derivative of sire or feudal lord stud. Eunuchs are not studs, and neither are they genetically female.

Genuine mixed gender people are the innocents in the mess created by those that are mentally confused and seek to convert their gender to upgrade their standard of living. People that really don’t have xx or xy chromosomes probably have the right to decide for themselves what they want to be, although of course some of the complication of xyy or whatever would tend to be weighted toward the democracy of letters for a determination objectively.

It would be great if people could spell themselves as easily as they misspell term papers and become what they wrote instantly. It just doesn’t seem to be the case that reality is willing to coincide with wishes in some cases.





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