National women’s month fades away

 American women and homosexuals assuredly are more aggressive than they were in former times, although listening to the leader of the national Center for Disease Control say that she was frightened and had a sense of doom wasn’t exactly inspiring to many. Sure results are more important than posing or superficialities yet a good leader should have qualities of good works and confidence-inspiring leadership.

Some day if the nation survives and is more than just a feminine subordinate employee of global plutocrats and socialist governments women may achieve real equality and dueling may return to legality in an over-populated world where everyone becomes unnecessary except for soteriological purposes. Networking and technology have made ad hoc organized petty crimes and collusion routine essential tools of the affirmative action set in their march to become a true dictatorship of the proletariat allegiant to global corporate. The natural feminine characteristic of gossip and networking socially serves the advance well. February was the month to commemorate George Washington and Abe Lincoln’s births now forgotten and people realize that if the nation were being remade Martha Washington would be CEO of a cherry pie corporation and no slaves would be compelled to harvest cherries- just foreign guest workers.





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