Culture wars vs. progress

Democrats are so inept at Domestic politics, other than those of force that they excel at, as to assure national divisiveness on simple issues of interest to all like infrastructure upgrade and renewal. To some the party seems like a domestic terror agency and to others it is one that has a right to attack white males for being klansmen as if they all generally are or were. Democrats attack on cultural issues that assure distractions from objective economic policy that requires solid progressive taxation to afford and that cannot be accomplished when their support from across the aisle fades away to non-existence. Grace matters; God’s grace is the sole reason that anyone is carried to salvation and eternity in heaven. God’s grace can also be helpful one would think in getting the economy to transition toward ecological economic policies that work.

Futurists and philosophers seeking the well-being of the nation and world tend to need to have a nation to work with rather than a global entity.  They cannot do well if culture agitators turn the citizens toward fighting against themselves. The most likely course of affairs for the U.S.A. to take politically these days is just to follow the money and conform everything politically to things that support the most concentrated wealth, so stirring up racial and other divisions to redistribute a smaller pie more equitably without reconfiguring economics inclusive of the rich that nothing much gets done. The Biden administration has a good chance of disappearing in four years without getting much done besides the cultural goals they have for-themselves.

It is possible to continue current and historical classical economics without much government intervention besides regulations that direct economic activity toward environmental ends. Sure those can be reversed if they were done by executive order yet if the economics become quite well established they may continue even if another dinosaur anti-ecosphere Republican takes the White House in 2024. The one thing Republicans could do to get more popular support would be to take the lead on environmental economic progress- it is a small concession to make and would place the party economically toward the front of the pack as they were during the industrial revolution rather than at the back as foot-dragging resistors to progress.





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