If the Universe is a simulation that includes a para-normal construction of God

 Philosophers might have trouble with cosmology, epistemology and hermeneutics. scientific American recently posted an article detailing a way to ‘prove’ the Universe or Multiverse is a simulation. Using the speed of light as a limiting artifact of a simulation is an interesting and meaningful philosophical question.


I don’t know of many contemporary philosophers who can examine and compare the wealth of cosmology material, Multiverse theory, simulations and the capacity God to determine a priori the existence and order of all possible Universes within His mind. Plotinus might have addressed such questions as well as Augustine or Plato-Socrates.

Proof that the Universe is a simulation would work as well as a proof that the Universe was created in the mind of God, or exists as a ‘subroutine’ in one of his logically ordered thoughts.





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