President Joe’s infrastructure bill should include at least one hyper-loop

 On a happy Easter morning when the nation can feel blessed in the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the national infrastructure bill is calling to President Joe Biden for an upgrade to afford the construction of even one trans-continental hyper-tube. The resurrection of U.S. infrastructure requires new thinking and technology instead of just investing in already existing technology.

Sure one would like all truck stops in America to have electric recharging stations. Maybe there should be discounts on biscuits and gravy for any driver with an electric vehicle; yet getting just one hype-tube built that tosses passengers and cargo across the nation at 1000 k.p.h. would indicate the nation is not entirely mired in past infrastructure and actually looks ahead.

It would be great if super-freighters moving across the oceans could directly unload containers to railroads from the docks and if rail cars could be independently switched to destination routes- maybe their is some streamlined electric way to upgrade to better, faster, cleaner intermodal systems technology, infrastructure and flowcharting, yet practical hyper-tubes require federal intervention for rights of way and execution; so good luck Joe on actually getting some infrastructure resurrection started for getting anything done in the U.S.A. is rather difficult these days with all of the litigation and natural human tendency to criticize more than create.





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