Will California be a fire disaster again this year?

California’s wild fires create vast left-wing clouds of smoke that drift to the right and north making heavy smog and bad breathing conditions for many. One wonders if that state is better prepared to extinguish forest fires this year than it usually is. Each year becomes a little warmer and drier than the last it seems reinforcing conditions for forest fires. At some point the state of California might find it useful to invent new, better ways of swiftly getting wildfires under control so residents of other states that are downwind won’t get the usual smoke and mirrors.

While California has its usual attractions like Hollywood attractions and the recall of the governor, it should invest some substantial thought into fire control in the Northern part of the state. Maybe they could invest in several more big gulp aircraft to have more fluids to dump on flames faster. Perhaps the aircraft could be electric or even drones specially designed to reload fire retardant or water, seek and extinguish with a high cyclical rate.





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