Simulated Universe theory and Creationism

If the Universe is a simulation that includes a para-normal construction of God paradigmatically. Recently some have felt they can confirm that the Universe is a simulation. I posted a link to an article at scientific Americans that uses a ‘scientific’ method to do so. Philosophers might have trouble combining cosmology, epistemology and hermeneutics into analytical structures to regard all of the data that is relevant in so far as the Universe potentially as a simulation. Scientific American recently posted an article detailing a way to ‘prove’ the Universe or Multiverse is a simulation. Using the speed of light as a limiting paradigm that could only exist in a simulation rather than in natural physics (an artifact of a simulation ala creationism) is an interesting and meaningful philosophical question. If the Universe is a level four Multiverse as Tegmark writes about in The Mathematical Universe it could also be a simulation or alternately yet not exclusively exist in the mind of God.

I don’t know of many contemporary philosophers who can examine and compare the wealth of cosmology material, Multiverse theory, simulations and the capacity God to determine a priori the existence and order of all possible Universes within His mind. Plotinus might have addressed such questions as well as Augustine or Plato-Socrates.Proof that the Universe is a simulation would work as well as a proof that the Universe was created in the mind of God, or exists as a ‘subroutine’ in one of his logically ordered thoughts.





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