The Wealth of Nations no more (it’s corporations)

 The wealth of corporations has replaced the wealth of nations in the capitalist universe. Adam Smith’s nearly 250-year-old book had no concept of the rise of global corporations replacing national economies. It would be a useful practice to create a global corporate minimum tax on corporations in order to more equitably allocate financial resources locally to citizens instead of clever planetary gamers that own the house.

Modern economics does have a resemblance to gambling casinos with the odds tilted toward the house too much. Capital’s rate of return is greater than the average increase of labor wages so workers become something like like chattel as wealth is concentrated and self-reinforcing.

In economics, unlike gambling casinos, the house should be non-profit and inventors and workers including management should receive compensation for their efforts in response to what they put in to it. Presently the house takes too large a percentage of profits and keeps tightening up the flow to everyone besides the owners. That restricts invention and political independence of nations as a planetary class of plutocrats own everything in site and people shop at the company store.

Jobs can be relocated globally in the quest for cheap labor in support of corporate proplits. That is a race to the bottom for every man if not for every woman who may be more contented with having equal wages with men by getting rid of manly jobs to distant poor nations or  done with illegal migrant labor. Black males can always write on corporate social media and earn a living can’t they?





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