Epidemic of work exertion causes twice the rate of death compared to gun homicide

 Apparently the United States does have about seven gun deaths per 100,000 people annually. That probably is short of comprising an epidemic.

Most gun deaths are suicides, and it is unfortunate that is something of an epidemic (suicide), and the causality be be in part a result of horrible bi-partisan politics in D.C. If politicians could create a better environment with recovering wilderness and border security the fatalism, desperation and sense of futility might fade away. Some Americans probably cannot even afford a good bowl of chili and others are hop heads doped by drugs.

There are 12.4 automobile accident deaths per 100,000 people annually and that could use some better regulation to scale it back from threatening to become an epidemic. Machinery kills 531 Americans per 100,000 each year. In some ways it would be good to ban infernal machines.


Fourteen deaths per 100,000 are caused each year by over-exertion. One must carefully weigh the epidemic of work over-exertion deaths versus those tragic deaths caused by sitting on a couch drinking sugary drinks per 100,000.


The actual Covid 19 epidemic has maybe 170 deaths per 100,000 people in the U.S.A. so far.





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