If Pres Biden had a Demo majority at SCOTUS he wouldn’t try to add members to it

  President Biden has proven once again that he has no respect for democracy with the consent of the governed. Instead, like other Democrats in recent years he simply tries to corrupt the existing structure if it doesn’t work immediately to his advantage. While Republicans of Georgia messed with voting access in a way that seemed as if they were trying to prevent the poor of casting ballots in order to have a chance to win, President Biden accomplished the same conflict of appearance lawyers are supposed to try to avoid.

Like President Franklin Roosevelt who tried to pack the court with Democrats and expand it in order to accomplish his revisionist agenda, President Biden would like to expand the number of judges as he believes Democrats may not return to a majority right away.



The Judicial branch should be left alone to crank along as it does reasonably well as an independent branch of government. If one wants to keep the U.S.A. together as a democracy for very far into the future the judiciary should not decide that every state should have five times more representatives, nor that states should each have a dozen senators if they are from an underprivileged part of the nation, nor that there should be two Presidents, three French hens and a partridge in a pear tree.

Lawyer Presidents from the Democrat side tend to be wise guys in office that feel they are free to game the system, and that is very wrong. F.D.R.’s try was slapped down by Congress and so should President Biden’s. Americans may not know any better these days, especially since there are zero civil war veterans still living.





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