The reality of heaven and hell

Heaven and hell are not wrapped within the Higgs field paradigm, as is ordinary matter. The Higgs field slows down some massless particles to sub-light speed, and they pick up a third dimension along the line o

f travel instead of being flat, as are two-dimensional particles. Searching for a physical location of heaven and hell is something of an obsolete paradigm
Some believe that heaven and hell are physical places, yet they may be more spiritual, as they will be where spiritual beings exist. Others misunderstand cosmology generally, especially in relating it to Biblical hermeneutics and eschatology that they may also misunderstand.

The word Utopia itself means ‘nowhere’. With relativity theory people understand that locations are described just in relation to other locations- there is no ‘absolute’ or unchanging reference place as if Platonic realism and the realm of forms were situated in an absolute geophysical coordinate grid and the Universe or Multiverse also were rooted in it- as if some solid ground was supporting for the Universe to rest upon.
People don’t actually know if the Universe is a simulation, a concept in the mind of God, a construction or compound assembly with rules of construction on logical principles built up from one-dimensional, or even zero dimensional monads marvelously tangled in larger energy packets in a Higgs field. Instead it is fashionable to take the most contemporary scientific knowledge of cosmology as almost certain, exhaustive of definitions and inerrantly correct.

I believe that even if the Universe is a pre-determined multiverse of all possible worlds with each thought in each mind switching that individual mind to an appropriately configured Universe that people will eventually reach eternal hell on-their-own for lacking the saving grace of God through His son Jesus Christ to get him to the right place in the non-temporal eternity that is heaven.





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