Infrastructure Bill version 2.0 would be a more efficient way to go (revision of prior post)

President Biden, likes his two Democratic predecessors, is wasting a lot of time chasing after ideal partisan pork instead of pushing solid reform. Pork is a nice thing yet if accomplished with the decline of national finance and infrastructure it has deep hidden costs. Plainly the President needs an infrastructure plan revision 2.0. He has a chance to win one for the environment and should be serious about getting that accomplished directly. Sin means to miss the mark; missing the mark on a good environmental infrastructure bill would be a sin.

What the nation needs is a renewal of traditional infrastructure combined with a solid measure of new infrastructure. That means hyper-loop rather than conventional rails, wireless internet for everywhere at high-speed including Alaskan locals like the Copper River valley, North Slope, Anaktuvuk Pass, Nome and Wrangell. It means going bonkers over solar energy nationwide with special attention to those sunny portions of the 48 states. It means building a vast canal for saltwater with locks along the Mexican border that would be used for migration control and border security as well as serving to evaporate water that would be captured with transparent, sloped lids and trickle down to adjacent fresh water canals that are sealed and travel underground. The salt water would be pumped up with solar power from the pacific and spilled from Deming New Mexico east and west.

With so much global warming going on-especially in Nevada and Alaska, an abundance of new fresh water for farming and drinking would be useful across the S.W. as well as northern Mexico and create basket loads of work. That would be new infrastructure with a bang equivalent to the T.V.A. projects of long ago.

The new infrastructure bill could of course use conventional highways, and bridge reconstruction to transform existing blacktop surfaces that gather heat and release it at night with some sort of white-top surface that doesn’t absorb heat and stays cool after dark. A new streamlined and pure infrastructure bill should get solid bi-partisan support as people plainly would see that it’s not pork and would actually create jobs while attacking the scourge of global warming directly. Of course, building a vast network of public recharging stations for electric vehicle charging might help; and homeowners that produce electricity should be able to tie in to and sell their electricity to the alternate vehicle charging national power grid.





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