Good Russian-American relations is necessary for balanced global policy

The Democrat party sycophant media makes objective opinion difficult to get out to the public. They saturate the nation with corporate sales promotion news items such as serve the concentration of wealth best. They rely on the banking monopoly of the Federal Reserve (a private bank) to send trillions and trillions to the richest Americans and banking confreres and trickle down a pittance to the poor that don’t even see blood pressure medicine from Obamacare or Medicare. That isn’t a good supporting infrastructure fort democracy at all and sideways policies like avoidance of defending the borders adequately or getting on like gangbusters with Russian and President Putin are supplanted with better daily hate memos and soap operas of O.J. trials or the Chauvin trial with Rep Waters encouraging riots if the verdict doesn’t go her way.

The nation has a problem that began with Bill Clinton in failing to understand post-Cold War Russia adequately to have common sense about the Ukraine problem. At least half of the Ukraine was always Russian necessarily since Russia began there a thousand years ago. Russians would never be content to give it up, and President Bill should have known that and not levered it away from the nascent new Russian state via the C.I.S. or community of embarrassing name sissies that were weak without a live nuclear threat to the west and armies ready to roll in national defense. It was really no way to treat a sort of former ally that helped defeat not only Hitler and the Nazis, but the Mongols to- at least dulling their advance, as they did with the Muslim surge following the rise of the Turkish empire- as well as Napoleon. If not for Russia Europe and the U.S.A. might be speaking Turk-French-Mongol-German, and that would be very bad for the prospects of Doge coin.

Because the ethics of the U.S.A. have merged with those of predatory capitalism from Wall Street seeking after immediate satisfaction and short-term profits (not good neighborliness at all) the concept of levering away some land that has always been an integral part of Russia-even when Europe was still in the dark ages and the U.S.A. wasn’t even conceived, is unavoidable. Yet statecraft requires intelligence and ethics different from that of capitalists and President Biden should know that.

He has decided not to send the navy to crash into the Black Sea to interdict Russian naval support for an effort by President Putin to restore some Russian presence right to the Dnepr River where a border might reasonably be maintained amicably more or less satisfying most except western land grab speculators. President Biden should recognize the strategic interest the U.S.A. has in being partners rather than adversaries with Russia economically, politically and socially- as well as in joint space missions. The opportunity cost of not being best political buds with Russia is a great strategic blunder that unites most of the world against the U.S.A., who cannot really rely on Europeans for much in the long run for numerous reasons. They are rather piratical first and pursue their self-interest with as much propaganda effort as N.P.R.

President Putin may seem to have much political power in his own nation- yet the Russian constitution is written to provide for a Super-Presidency. The Roman Republic appointed a dictator in times of war and then returned to normality when the crisis was over. Russia has been attacked from all sides for a thousand years and invaded numerous times. During the post-Cold war reorganization what else should have been expected if the United States chose to resume an adversarial relationship because they believed they could bully a weak Russia?

It is amazing to me that national leadership except for President Reagan could be so blind about long-run strategic American interests. They seem like a lot of losers that prefer war to prosperity unless they exclusively possess all wealth. Without good Russian-American relations the world politically is unbalanced and divided. It may be readily exploited by special interests that can thwart globally important ecological and economic requisites for reform. Even racism can be stirred up and exploited as a diversion politically, and that simply lets the concept of reform rot.





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