A few philosophical comments…

If one finds a well ordered and logically put together system, universe, multiverse or machine- that does not imply that it wasn’t designed. Subtle and infinitesimal quantum uncertainties may enliven art and being like pictures at an exhibition.

Ok so God is omnipotent. He has made every possible universe in every possible form

and stage in his thought. Everything is possible for him that he wills possible.

In one universe a rock is movable and in another it isn’t. Every infrastructural form of everything can be super-positioned like quanta in all possible lines God determines possible.

Modal logic allows one to populate a universe with whatever forms and relations one prefers, including temporal positions. One may make their own system of logic (ref Elements of Logic by W.V.O. Quine) concerning where and what is possible in possible locations. It is a mistake to assume that a particular logic structure exists in all places universally, as it is wrong to assume there is one universal time across a multiverse except in relation to eternal God.

If a universe can be defined as space-time with the same physicals laws or patterns of order, thought and logic in that area likely conform preponderantly to the forms that function in that space-time. An eternal being whom constructs those systems from eternity might be regarded as the unmoved mover by sentient contingent beings moving about.

Quine refuted the dogma of empiricism that just empirical statements about the world had valid data, and that wasn’t subjective. He showed that all statements have a subjective element including scientific

Quine was one of the best logicians and philosophers of logic of his time

In Word and Object he examines subjective epistemology. In Ontological Relativity he examines modal logic word lexicons from a nominalist perspective.

Someone cleverly noted that the thesis-antithesis dialectic is a good way to trick people into doing stuff as reactionaries. Besides that, the dialectic has numerous applications via analogy as stimulus-response loops, natural algorithmic cycles of increase, challenge response and baloney.

Hegel thought the or a world spirit was trying to realize itself in history. Logically though humans had realized themselves in history for at least 100000 years and the or a spirit of the universe isn’t retarded like a drunk trying to wake up after a binge

The spirit probably pre-existed the universe

Human wickedness and many other issues follow after the fall. I believe Adam and Eve when found unable to follow the will of God flawlessly were sent onto a containment facility known as the Universe today with its second law of thermodynamics, births toil etc in quest of energy and pleasure.

Human nature is depraved and the elect are saved through grace. Because God is eternal and Universes temporal the individual soul has a chance for salvation and salvage from the human condition

If uncorrected wicked humans as eternal spirits could run amuck plenty- hence the need for a temporal universe and a chance to sort things out.

I am not certain about nihilism being a first-person activity or just a point of view. The idea that reality is an illusion and belief in God is a heresy are part of Buddhism and consistent with nihilism in some ways, yet not in others. political nihilism could be a practical effort simply to destroy a government and leave nothing to replace it, or no one, and that would differ from anarchy. I am not sure that meaninglessness is necessary for nihilism. Consider people that hate western civilization and believe that it should be destroyed- they are partial nihilists if they want to annihilate the traditional American way and replace it with something else, foreign and non-specific, and plain nihilists if they want to leave scorched Earth and let the environment recovery (even if short sighted because without engineers to safely shut down all the nuclear plants and chemical dumps the environment would be a mess for quite a number of years left to themselves when they broke down.

Anti-particles just have an opposite spin. That is anti-matter spin is a mirror reverse image of matters spin. So anti MC could be like anti matter and annihilate MC or matter when it is incompatibly infused with it

Maybe it’s like forcing a left threaded device into a right threaded device thereby breaking both objects.

That reminds me about the one concerning the Universe meeting it’s long lost anti-universe rival…

Max Tegmark’s book ‘The Mathematical Universe’ describes a Multiverse up to a level 4 Multiverse, and further posits that pure math may be the basis of everything, literally. Tegmark makes a mathematical Universe Hypothesis (MUH). Great book to read. https://www.amazon.com/Our-Mathematical…/dp/0307599809

Sartre writes about the reef of solipsism in Being and Nothingness. It is part of the human condition as an individual observer embedded in the Higgs field temporally.

Bishop Berkeley wrote about idealism in The Three Dialogues of Hylas and Philonous. The human experience could be just an idea of God or a simulation. Berkeley probably was inspired by and developed Descartes’ Meditations.

. have you never read that? it started the thought examined logically in the first person school rolling.


Jesus wasn’t nihilist in bringing the end of the old covenant. He said he came to fulfill the law, not destroy it. When the prophet Jeremiah said that one day the laws of God would be written on the hearts and minds, that occurred with the work of Jesus Christ. Marx on the other hand was raised with Jewish ideas of millennialism and seems to have fused Feurbach’s atheism, Hegelianism and Darwinism with Zionism and socialism. As has been said a million times, Marx was a great sociologist and a rather bad political philosopher. His economic analysis of England was pretty good and the corrections he envisioned poor and sparse. He had strengths and weaknesses in equal measure. Not all political or religious change is nihilistic. Maybe Kropotkin’s Russian anarchism was neo-nihilistic. Trying to understand Christianity without faith in Jesus as the Son of the Trinity will result in misunderstanding much. A spiritual transformation is to occur and one must love God, and thy neighbor as thyself. That does not imply lazy, corrupt or moral relativism. Socialism as an economic system of the state differs much from free enterprise and self-directed work. The volunteerism and unselfishness of Christians would tend to cap capitalist acquisition and invest excess profit in social development. A Christian society should be economically more egalitarian yet does not require state socialism. Socialism can be an oppressive, atheist dictatorship. Hitler rose to power as leader of the German socialist workers part with help from a large majority of former socialists in the storm troopers. Any sort of tribe or group can use socialist economics. The challenge is to defend individual rather than collective ‘rights’ the devil would defeat everyone if it could, in the details.





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