More philosophical comments

Much of the political conflicts of the USA occur because people don’t care about evidence or faith. They have a will to believe and do so as a part of being a member of a group of like minded people. The race riots aren’t about faith and peaceful change does not invariable follow YouTube video evidence of a police crime, neither does exculpatory evidence send protesters and rioters home. In some cases there is a lot of evidence to support faith and in others people have faith that their evidence is valid, comprehensive and uncontroverted by unknown facts. People aren’t generally working matters of belief and politics as logicians replete with lifetimes of learning and wisdom. Consider abortion, homosexual marriage, global warming, ecosphere decay, tax rates and attacks on faith. in God- People tend to reinforce what they want to believe and force social morality to conform to desire and political preferences

The evidence of the good book is very good. Even jurors need faith that their verdict is true if they are honest. Einstein said that he just wanted to know the thoughts of God- the rest are details.
Philosophical certainty is difficult to attain
Socrates said that he knew that he knew nothing
Epistemology and pragmatism lead one toward dead reckoning judgements of necessity. Certainty or even true knowledge as of The Timaeus or Tractatus Logico Philosophicus and The Blue and Brown books leave one with words about words and short of knowledge of things for themselves or Kant’s noumenon. Faith, reason and inference lead some to belief in God. The problem of the criterion as Chisolm mentioned, afflicts all judgments of sentients embedded atop quantum entangled energy as mass in the Higgs field
Interestingly the sub-luminal status of. otherwise classless two dimensional energy packets when not getting that important 3rd dimension in the Higgs field may be the reason why time is experienced at all

Jesus said to let the dead bury the dead

It was an oblique reference to the need to be born again. Complex topic.

If one finds a well ordered and logically put together system, universe, multiverse or machine; that does not imply that it wasn’t designed. Subtle and infinitesimal quantum uncertainties may enliven art and being like pictures at an exhibition.

There are numerous truth theories. I like correspondence theory and disquotation theory. Truth is about relationships of words. The sole being in itself that is true is God it might be said. For God is truth and anything else contingent and relative





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