Socrates, Plato and Aristotle; waiting to be canceled

Some people would like to cancel Socrates, Plato and Aristotle became they didn’t seem to support democracy. The Athenian democracy had a lot of slaves. Plato or Socrates supported the oligarchy rather than the demos, and the Romans developed the republic reasonably well while Greece became overrun, It hadn’t occurred to me though that anyone was thinking about cancelling Socrates so we are left with the three stooges in regard to political philosophy In an age when empires were the norm; even the Republic was very much to the left. It’s the sort of thing that the radicals that wrote the Magna Charta might have thought about.

I asked someone how many universes can dance on the head of a zero-dimensional singularity. He might have replied; ‘God knows’. Maybe it’s an intersectional concept, whereat one awakes in the will of the One.

Maybe everyone is an economic prisoner of the federal reserve bank chained to the social ladder economy as mute approved beings-of-interest watching the shadows of billionaires cross high above, trying to interpret the weird shapes.





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