Actually, President Biden is running short on time to get stuff done

 If Republicans retake congress President Biden’s opportunity to reform government a little will end. Sure maybe he should rush Covid 19 vaccines to Taiwan and Japan so computer chip making and the U.S. economy can move forward better, yet he needs to get domestic items accomplished now or never.

Those could include building new infrastructure like a vast Mexican border fresh water making canal security boundary desalinating Pacific salt water siphoned or pumped up with pipelines (gosh they can build oil pipelines) and letting solar power evaporate and a plastic lid capture condensation fresh water. He could lead with new hyper-loop high speed (1000 m.p.h). tube trains for passengers and cargo from sea to sea and border to border- to demonstrate how newer faster ground transport can help make autos and select roads obsolete.

He could form a cheap Manhattan project to convert all U.S. road surfaces into sunlight photon capturing and converting surfaces with vast center left-right research, and then find a way to create new wilderness areas without roads and with limited human entry in some places.

It would be good to reform the patent process and limit exclusivity to seven years with 10% royalties to patent holders after that from others then free to manufacture the item. That would speed up economic innovation so some could happen before the end of the world from global warming and federal deficits.

The President could form a truth commission to investigate how much money the Federal Reserve has really let the rich mint via bank loans 5x that of every zero interest loan it gave to big banks exploiting the margin reserve and e-dollars for loans gambit.

Mr. Biden could establish a basic minimum annual income for all Americans so people don’t get permanently caught in economic undertows and socially adverse currents of repression.

College education could be made free through graduate school to allow intelligent Americans to pursue interests equal to their capacity.

The poor should be ale to get free medical service nationally without the state quilt of baloney technical paperwork.

Those earning more than a million annually should have a 60% tax rate.

Some day a President with an advanced degree in ecological economics may appear to lead the country in a transition to a sustainable economy. Yet it seems that just lawyers run on the demo side and Republicans don’t really want the job of President unless to get richer and make the rich richer.

President Biden hasn’t too much time to avoid becoming retrospectively another business as usual kind of top political leaders. Well, maybe he could stimulate production of wheat and soy pasta and noodle products to let the poor have some protein as well as carbohydrates in their diets.





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