Some U.S. wingers are pretty ignorant about Jewish history in Jerusalem

 The American left probably is ill-informed about the history of Jerusalem and the Jews that have lived there during the past 4000 years. They really aren’t invaders. In fact not only have Muslims persecuted them and driven them from the city, so have Romans, Persians and Europeans especially the crusaders.

Christians of the middle ages misunderstood the message of Jesus Christ (the prince of peace) and acted with Christianity as a political-military banner; most were illiterate. Of course Muslims had invaded Europe from one end to the other and were a constant threat to European existence. In 1099 when the first crusaders took the Holy land they slaughtered Jews mercilessly. Even so Jews continued to live in the region of Israel even while Jerusalem was off-limits.

Jews must have been accustomed to being banned from the Holy city after Romans, Byzantines and Sassanians enforced that edict. Mamluks and even the Umayyad proscribed select Jewish activities and foisted a temple of Muhammad onto the temple mount.

Israel was occupied by empires that sometimes tolerated their existence in the area yet sometimes razed coastal cities. Modern Euros and American leftists tend to think of Jews as an invading, colonizing force because they essentially are daft and devoid of historical depths.

Palestinians could from the beginning have lived peacefully with Jewish in a two state configuration of 1948 and they instead began their 70 years of hate mongering at that time dedicating themselves to the destruction of Israel. Yet Palestine had never been an independent state for itself and was generally under the rule of empires- lastly the British after they defeated the Muslim Ottoman Empire that was allied with imperial Germany during the First World War. Fundamentally hate groups like Hamas (it means violence) could have at any time selected a path to peace for-themselves. As the closest neighbors of the Jewish state they likely would evolve greater prosperity than most of those nations of the Middle East and hold jobs in Israel more so than now. Some borders can fade into trivialities when nations have non conflicts and similar economies.

It is quite likely that Jews are smarter than Palestinians. World chess champions like Fischer and Kasparov were half Jewish. It is difficult to recall all of the great Jewish chess players because there were so many while the best Palestinian player at the last chess Olympiad rated somewhere around 1600. Jews could mentor their Palestinian brothers and sisters if the Palestinians weren’t teaching hate to their children and if Hamas’ gangster leaders could discover the value of peace.

If the American left just prefers to be wrong that is their free choice. Plainly the Republican Party hasn’t an ecological economic bone in its body and seek only to concentrate wealth. Democrats though also pursue that policy it should be noted, and socialist seek merely to make a bureaucracy of corporatism that is following Hitler’s economic agenda before the start of W.W. 2 to a certain extent.

I will point out that one of the scenarios for world economic evolution is for concentrated wealth and a planet full of wage slaves. Even space colonization of mars and etc. will be led by elites who can greatly assist the process of concentrating wealth. The left should have other realistic concerns than persecuting Jews as if they wanted to be Nazis too.





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