President Biden’s square peg for a round hole infrastructure bill method needs revision

 President Biden should be more innovative on packaging plans for an infrastructure bill. Infrastructure are those physical systems that allow a mass economy to physical work. That doesn’t include day care obviously. President Biden is a lawyer though- and lawyers represent people and know the laws well and often haven’t any idea about much else. They aren’t for example ecological economists with transparent before and after election ideas concerning how to reform the economy. Economists tend to be far more transparent than lawyers that have secret agendas and issues hidden from the public as a part of their job description. He shouldn’t antagonize Republicans with polarizing gun control to compel a disarmed populace agenda and ignore real economic issues.

President Biden has many female supports- his clients as it were, who want day care centers so he has grafted that onto a large transportation bill and skipped something like very high speed trains for cargo and people from coast to coast and along the Minneapolis and Chicago to Houston corridor that would be a legitimate infrastructure improvement bill. The President should find another way to get day care going besides the infrastructure bill. I suggest he give a tax moratorium for day care businesses for five years. A five year no tax policy for day care centers might elicit lots of new businesses. An oil depletion tax allowance existed forever so there is precedence for giving tax breaks to big business at least, and even solar panel manufacturers have been given tax credits; those are things the former senator should know all about.

So a little creative packaging President Biden… get than one trillion dollar tax bill with 500 m.p.h. trains or tube-maglev or vacuum-tube underground platforms installed and conventional bridges, solar power producing-sunlight reflecting highways and maybe liquid hydrogen fueled underground superconducting power lines in pipelines funded and just let free enterprise given a tax moratorium build the future Wal-marts day care facilities or maybe just a flood of very small business entrepreneurs supply the demand for a place for people to maroon their kids while they go off to work or cruise in their high-emission suvs and very large trucks to wait in line at McDonalds for high calorie breakfast sausage patty, eggs, bread and nuggets on the way to work at the oil corporation.

The President probably means well, yet it’s necessary to strategize correctly, intelligently to get bills passed that have any quality environmentally and economically. For instance, the idea of running vast left wing public deficits is a loser. A balanced budget is intelligent and has several good selling points generally. Getting Republicans to vote for any sort of tax increase isn’t going to happen and wastes a lot of public time. To get a tax increase done that has some kick the Democrats will have to pass it themselves on their one per year magic wish of 61 votes. Like the Bush 2/Obama tax cuts a Biden tax increase would change things if it was 60% per year on earnings greater than one million dollars and for corporations- a flat 30% annual tax.

Republicans these days fail to understand populism at all (hint Reagan was a populist) and can’t run good Presidential candidates with charisma. Neither can they comprehend like Nixon did about how to build a majority (another hint- don’t serve the poor a dope sandwich or treat the ecosphere like they were combat commercial fisherman fighting over the last fish and incapable of keeping an escapement quota of 2/3rds of the fish in the sea). President Biden apparently plans to continue with Trump plans to Vietnamize the Afghan-Taliban war by September 11th, and some remember how well ARVN allies worked out the last time. The U.S.A. still has military in Germany 70 years after the end of the Second World War and thirty years after the end of the cold war, yet the administration sees no wisdom in keeping even a couple of regiments In Afghanistan for another decade or two. That may be penny wise and pound foolish policy even as the President seeks to invest a half trillion dollars in day care ‘infrastructure’ in the U.S.A.





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