Medicare Reform

Shouldn’t Medicare include the provision that no one pay more than 10% of their income for full coverage? If some people need to pay a quarter or a third of their income for medical coverage, Medicare really isn’t affordable for everyone. Although the national economy is developing to concentrate wealth and power as never before in U.S. history it would seem reasonable that the very poor shouldn’t pay as much as the middle class for equal medical coverage in the Medicare program.

Optimal foraging theory may account for the way natural resource extraction develops in a market economy with citizen/minions with allegiance to corporations and imperialism instead of democracy (progressive taxation is requisite for democracies to survive the shift toward aristocracy concentrating wealth) and blinded by a broadcast media dedicated to the proposition that all profits should mainly trickle up to Wall Street. Human health however should not be a function of the way optimal foraging profit skimmers of Wall Street and D.C. corporatism view maximally efficient markets with efficiency defined by a what concentrates wealth best to 1% metric.

It seems wrong to me that prosperous retirees get very cheap full coverage covering everything from doctors to hospital stays and drugs while the poor get just free hospice care and some hospital stays. Evidently both major parties feel the best place for Americans to have equal affordable Medicare coverage is in death.





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