Social media logic and monopoly issues

  Google recently sent me an email concerning my blog to let me know that it doesn’t appear in search engine listings well and afforded me the opportunity to fix that. I wish I could help google write computer code so my search engine does appear in search engines often enough to get a thousand views a day as it did until the Obama administration was in office a year instead of the 1 to 5 views it averages these days.

 When big search engine corporations like Google need help from writers to fix their html code so their search faculty works kinda good that may indicate something is wrong. I just don’t have the time to learn to be a good html programmer especially since the place I live in Alaska hasn’t got cell phone service, electricity or a road yet.

I did spend quite a few years periodically trying to tweak the html code to make the search stuff work better. Another issue I couldn’t solve is that the blog hasn’t earned a single penny since the Obama administration when it froze at 63 dollars and 78 cents. Maybe MSN can consult with google on how to make search engine listings work and coach them on writing html code (just an idea).

The other big web business issue is about How can it be a monopoly since I buy about all of that sort of stuff at ebay? If it is like Standard oil was in the Rockefeller era or like Bell telephone before the break up, shouldn’t there at least be collusion between ebay, Alibaba and Amazon to control the world market for on-line sales? And what about Wal-mart since they too have on line sales?

Maybe the issue is really about search engine listings and what shows up. I don’t know. perhaps experts at html code writing should review the stuff sorting out what everyone sees on line.





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