Selections of Spirit and the Martian Arts

I read a few philosophical and natural theology essays that were initially part of his science fiction book project named ‘Spirit and the Martian Art. The images are photos I took in Alaska.

Selections from Spirit and the Martian Art

I am working on a science fiction/philosophy natural theology book and have recorded a few selections from it hence the video where I read a few of these selections.

““Nothing we can do about that at least in the Dwindling Worlds except to stop the thefts and leaks. Getting patentable ideas to market as soon as possible is necessary if we are to keep ahead of destructive environmental challenges, and destructive interference from infinite Universes and dimensions that may conflict by design or accident with our own. New inventions created a priori to resolve circumstances that don’t exist yet though might occur at some future or past time- we cannot regard other universes as being on the same time metric as ours obviously since universal space-time is self-standing in relation to the thermodynamic space and configuration for-itself and not for-other universes…those inventions may keep our Universe and the sentients in it alive and with a future instead of being haplessly rolled up by whatever concern crashes into it or that drops in from higher dimensions Victor. We will advance all of those inventions and grant patents that become non-exclusive after three years with ten percent royalties to patent holders in perpetuity. That is the best available way to keep new ideas in production and from being buried under exclusivity and suppression from market of ideas manipulators.”

  1. As the pair neared the space relocator they had fabricated remotely they discovered aspects of the power of the planet size quantum computer for it began collapsing waveforms by infinite numbers around them.
  2. Long ago the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics had developed a Schrödinger wave function collapse that became surpassed by the more accurate Everett many worlds paradigm where the wave function never collapsed; instead a new reality was branched to resembling a Metaverse existing for God with every possible Universe differentiation even by a single quark actually existing. That was quite a different scenario from the venerable Copenhagen interpretation with a quantum particle at all possible location yet at just a single place when observed with the collapse of the wave function…a grounding of the infinite flight of locations and velocity the particle.
  3. Loren and Victor slowed their pace as they were within seventeen hundred meters of the virtual relocator vessel.

Victor said; “Let us yield a little time for the relocator vessel to recognize us and merge its being for itself with our mind fields in-themselves and for-others.”

  1. Loren, your know it occurs to me that quantum interference like that of the double slit experiments might be instructive for getting answers to the questions of how quantum interference occurs in a many worlds, Multiverse paradigm of infinite issues of quantum entanglements and steady states of sub-luminal speed mass comprising universe. Why shouldn’t quantum inference and even universal interference arise to form concentrations of mass across infinite numbers of dimensions?”
  2. “What Victor; do you mean interference patterns generating trans-dimensional black holes?”
  3. “Well, not exactly Loren. Derivatively speaking, what wind of spirit arose to trouble the waters of non-space in the beginning? Why should any initial trans-universal primordial field have differences with a first cause? Perfect symmetries and balances, perfect scale, extension without point of origin, a word spoken into the darkness”?
  4. “Are you making the suggestion that the Metaverse might not be real Victor?”
  5. “Not at all Loren, although it could be that some kind of complex quantum interference patterns are generated by fields external to observable steady states of sub-luminal entangled mass within the Higgs field. Apparent observations and travel like we have made for-ourselves may be macro-extensions of an Everett every possible universe kind that are simply local and made to support out choices.”
  6. “Then the Metaverse may not exist, just our observations and experiences of appearances of what it would be if it did exist because of macro-field interference? That must be a positive value role for interference that is a response to our wave function data and anticipatory future inertial disposition.”
  7. “That might be the way it is Loren. One cannot be certain.
  8. Around them, and across the landscape, the quantum computer directed the collapse of virtual quanta wave functions concentrating trillions and trillions of tons of mass at a single spot building toward immanent formation of a black hole. With foresight entering her mind somewhat inexplicable to herself Loren broke off their experience of the Mbutaag structure and conjecture about the wave function’s referent object system. Their mathematical feet took a shortcut interdimensionally across Hilbert space and tensored them into the super positioned virtual ship relocator existing beyond Schrodinger waveform collapses in all possible worldlines within the hidden Universe. Thought activated their relocator and Loren with Victor exited the collapsing world.
  9. The virtual ship relocator encountered turbulence during the transfer of Loren and Victor to one of the secreted worlds. Virtual relocator reconvened quantum coherence to all possible locations and decohered the quanta into a field that pervaded the Universe located and let three dimensional objects exist in a steady state. Yet there was a paradox in quantum entanglements and quantum transfer between a coherent state as determined by wave function and a decohered state determined by a semblance of wave function collapse; information regarding position and momentum of quanta need exist apart from the quanta itself. The paradox of information about the uncollapsed location of quanta and entanglement of quanta cannot be resolved with a simple account of a continuous field with proximal actions and reaction reciprocals. And the possibility of coherent extra dimensional transfer of information seems equally unlikely without a recursion of host libraries of information going to the initial library of data; perhaps God. For it seems evident that the Gödelian paradigm of the impossibility of a set of all sets containing itself (except for God) within a logical structured paradigm appears relevant for information too; at some level the information of quanta that needs always be meta-quantum existent need coincide with a primary field with no library or information kept apart from the quanta.
  10. If the Metaverse had no information about location and momenta of quanta apart from the quanta initially, the entirety of logically ordered structures or relations among quanta or quantum fields should be improbable.

Lies, Victor thought, are varieties of deceit. They are false information implicitly serving to conceal the truth. And what is the truth he wondered? It is things-in-themselves and things-for-others as they implicitly are without concealment of what they are.

Deceits are false information. Even camouflaging a military position is a deceit. Yet inaccurate knowledge of the nature of the Metaverse isn’t a self-deceit unless one believes it is true, that is, if one realizes that knowledge isn’t absolutely certain and knowledge is the best one has a a likely probability then the true nature of the knowledge subjectively is understood even if the actual facts turn out to be incorrect.

Deceits, Victor thought, are intended to harm or at lest to convey false information weather or not they actually harm. Enfilading lies, revealing the falsehood of a deceit may be easy or challenging, effortless or nearly impossible in real time. If the purpose of a deceit is to harm it may be harmful. Alternatively a falsehood or lie that is evidently false to the receiver of the information given by the lie may be laughably transparent and harmless for it is understood to be a lie; a simple deceit not believed at all. Lies Victor thought further are simply efforts to harm others, or efforts to defend oneself or others from harm in some uses. Lies and deceits of all sorts are an element of the human condition. It may be that Satan whom is said to be the father of lies has made deceit a priority in the very nature of reality in order to bring as many souls as he can to eternal harm ending without faith in Jesus Christ and God.

Victor continued to consider the nature of deceits as the chronometer drew near to zero. He realized he would need to use deceit for himself in order to gain access to the Emporium and the council chamber of the Supreme Parole where he might have a chance to end Maud Dlib. It was not possible to allow her to continue to oversee the plundering of the patentable ideas of the galaxy and even the universe and kill the lives of countless people inhabiting countless planets.

If Satan has a grasp of the mathematical nature of the Metaverse then he may have access to the mathematics of individual human being minds and work his evil maladjustment upon the equations, geometries, calculus and infinite series of mathematical structures comprising each individual mind in relation to its place in the math of the Metaverse. In that context direct insertion of falsehood and wrong answers into the peripheral mathematical structures of a mind would be directly harmful and people would directly believe falsehoods as though the lies of them were their own and from their own thought. Lies and deceits at the extreme end are another form of the effort to harm others. Placing false structures into the minds of others is worse than vandalism; it builds an apparent self-deceit that leads the subjects toward a destiny worse than any imaginable, without concern. Only the Lord Jesus Christ and the workings of the Holy Spirit can bring the correct answers to the lost without perfect mathematically structured minds acceptable to the perfect mathematical structure of God making up the eternal realm of mathematical structures thought to be the phenomena of the Metaverse in-itself.

“Yes”, Kurt replied. “The true nature of God is imponderable perhaps. We humans may known the Lord Jesus Christ in the configuration of the Metaverse. I wonder if the evolution of infinite mathematical structures in infinite dimensions of Hilbert and phase space follows a particular order within so much randomness? I also wonder if randomness becomes regular when extended to infinity, necessarily through infinite recursion and repetition of varieties of very similar random series. If there is a mathematical evolution of everything that exists within the Metaverse structure, and if local phases of it within universes are graduated and sequential manifestations varying just slightly- even by a molecule from an infinite number of others, to what extent the determinism of apparent random selections is a formation of what is possible given the existing structures? It is as if only certain select codes satisfy the possibilities of unlocking an intellectual capital storage vault as reciprocals of a transcending structure that would disallow any non-matching entry.” Kurt looked toward the direction of the sea breeze. The star still was bright in the sky and had moved overhead eliminating shadows.

Maxwell replied; the aliens asked me for knowledge of the relation of mathematics to the most basic theoretical structure of the Metaverse. I believe that knowledge may have been sought long ago in the Garden of Eden when a snake asked of a women to bite an apple she had been ordered by God not to eat. It may be the snake sought to use humanity to learn of the operating system of the Metaverse what it could not for-itself. As you can see of this manufactured world Prime of the aliens there has been some progress in learning ways to manipulate local mathematical structures to configure mass in Higgs field equivalents. Physical addresses of some universes of the Metaverse have been learned mathematically to enable journeys far from the local universe and safe return. That is real progress gained through sorting through all of the patentable ideas existing so far as possible. The leaders of the Serenity Corporation the aliens employ to steal the patents and ideas worth anything believe the project is simply intended to dominate manufactures and control wealth absolutely with it shared in concentration among C.E.O.s and alien elites. Such a naive and greedy outlook missing the point of the aliens search to make of themselves dominant little gods of the Metaverse.”

Let me tell you something about subjective experience and perception Kurt, I believe it is useful here. Individuals experience reality personally, subjectively. The phenomena of mind is that of consciousness interpreting atomistic content reaching it through eyes and skin, ears and taste from the field phenomena of a universe. There are common social experiences of perceptible aspects of a field; that is everyone with healthy organs of perceiving atomistic content as data can share a similar though not exactly duplicate experience for example of the solidity of the ground of a planet they may stand upon or of the photons reaching their eyes from a star. Perceptions of atomistic data that aren’t common experience that anyone usual may have, that is experiences that are completely subjective and not shared in the common realm of perceptible quanta remain personal. If God visits a miracle onto an individual the experience cannot be shared in the common realm with others as a directly perceptible experience. God may in theory visit an individual mind directly without need for the use of the field of potentially perceptible quanta, yet alternatively, he is free to shape the material quanta for interpretation through the senses of the intended perceiver subjectively. This echo chamber in some respects transcends the boundaries of subjective perception and makes a universal local area network of the mind or minds of those entering the chamber. If we use the echo chamber our minds will be superpositioned in all of the locations of echo chambers of the local area network that is presumably that of the Prime planetary structure. Our minds will be super-positioned without waveform collapse to a particular location.

“Maxwell explained to Kurt; “While infinite dimensions can exist recursively in one point of space without time or space no actualize for observers; in fact Ehrenfest interference delimits data from higher numbers of dimensions to lower numbers. Complexity and subtlety arise in greater compilations of dimensions than in lower that is filtered out generally from trans-universal infinities of cloning, duplicate universes. So universes with lower numbers of dimensions may have self-standing laws, data and content even while the Meta-universal host field sustains them from zero to n-dimensions.

I am becoming familiar with the adaptations and changes made to my echo chamber by the aliens Kurt. I can see the basic math structures of the Metaverse through a glass darkly as it were…a capacity the aliens haven’t refined their visions sufficiently to equal yet. So they are limited in their use of the echo chambers to their own universe and the Hexi corridor that they have fitted between the original universe, the hidden universe and the Rhomboid universe.

The Hexi corridor actually may readily be adapted to provide access to infinite universes of the Metaverse that itself is infinitely incomprehensible spatially, dimensionally and in regard to time as it is forever increasing beyond the grasp of intellect. It would be an error to allow the aliens the opportunity to learn of the potential use of the echo chamber that is for them little more than a fast transport and surveillance tool over the populous of three universes (so far as they have with the obvious exception of the Dwindling worlds).

All of the Metaverse’s mathematical structures are in the mind-plan of God; the modge panc. I can adjust the local math of spaces and dimensions the echo chamber provides existence in for us, and will make a few alterations before we exit near stage left at the heart of the Prime planet.

  1. Loren said;”There are two basic forms of government for human worlds these days Kurt. Those that seek to concentrate wealth in a tiny minority and make slave laborers and happy work minions of everyone else, and those that prefer free enterprise and democracy with limits to capital acquisition as it threatens the integrity of elections and enterprise. The Dwindling worlds as you may be aware prefer free enterprise with capital concentration defense caps as a better way to develop human potential. Corporatism and even communism share imperial political goals in the sense that power is concentrated and the majority are repressed and conditioned by the minority holding the reins of wealth and power. We suspect that the theft of the intellectual from the Sendufax vault was directed by our opposition forces and affiliates. The number of minions working to make slaves of themselves and to become subjects of imperial forces is fundamentally without limit. Evidently a modicum of intelligence and creative thought is requisite for comprehending the nature of imperial-corporatist-communist political power concentration.”





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