Global warming, the Final warning and Irrational Solutions

 The recently released U.N. climate report isn’t anything that wasn’t already known. In his book ‘The Final Warning’ James Lovelock- the author of the Gaia hypothesis said that it is already to late to save the planet from becoming preponderantly desertified and people should be planning to live like African ants in large hives. He wrote that the U.S.A. would largely become a desert and just a few places would be green. What is obvious is that in spite of happy Biden administration comments about the optimism they have to overcome challenges, the nation is as likely to respond to the challenge of global heating as well as it has to Covid 19 or actually, less so.

Politicians are largely not competent to design an ecological economic reform policy. It it worse than the challenge to Bill Clinton while President of being able to walk and chew gum at the same time; politicians would need the social capacity to get voters to go along with their plan to radical transition the U.S. economy to one of long term environmental sustainability right away, if they had an idea of what such a plan would look like- and they don’t.

The Democratic party is interested more in expanding the number of voters from Latin America through illegal immigration and Republicans have governors that are global warming and covid 19 skeptics. Democrats want to increase female wealth and affluence globally and that unrealistic desire accelerates non-sustainability. The Biden administration is perpetrating another Vietnam flight phenomena in Afghanistan and perhaps rightly so since it is an advocate for the extremely divisive homosexual agenda and homo marriage policy that motivates Muslims to attack the symbols of decadence and depravity. The rich own the broadcast media that is a sycophant for corporate expansion globally and a corrupter of democracy subverting independent political developments as well as social media censorship and manipulation of search engine listings.

The Democrat Party under Speaker Pelosi has become a one-party system to the limit of its ability forcing every issue possible without consent from opposition. A half trillion dollars for day care may reduce global warming and mass extinctions of course, and the moon may provide green cheese for all chess analysts to munch on, yet if that doesn’t work how will 4 or 5 trillion dollars of additional debt fix global warming?

Perhaps the Von Musk move to Mars program is the one idea that works that may actually provide a refuge for the most rich to retreat to if a natural final solution of planetary war to solve an intractable political issue with irrationality happens…this time the irrational final solution would be mass human decimation through biological war. Luckily the world’s a test tube of biological PhD experimentation with so many recent graduates. Surely the excellent politics one has experienced since the Reagan administration left office will give everyone a reason for hope, soma, and happy drugs to ignore the problems. I am not optimistic about the world’s prospects for avoiding critical blunders and the common irrational method of default politics when rationality doesn’t work. I wish people ordinarily were smarter than they are; maybe they can be more like the Inca building infrastructure on large scale that can solve environmental challenges.

Building a water desalination canal network along the Mexican border might provide millions and millions of gallons of fresh water to help reduce desertification. It is actually possible with siphons and solar power. No one in D.C. wants to take up anything besides investing in Wall Street and cutting taxes though, realistically.





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