Artlessness of Biden’s deal and the fall of Kabul

 With the fall of Kabul now inevitable one might wonder what President Trump would have made of his negotiations with the Taliban to end the conflict in Afghanistan. President Biden simply let the U.S. military exit and the Emirate of Afghanistan move in with raising a fuss.

President Trump was fairly skillful at negotiating internationally and it is thus ponderous as to what he would have actually done with Afghanistan if he had been re-elected. Mr. Trump tended to drive hard bargains with fair results. It is somewhat challenging to believe he would have been so limp-wristed as President Biden in effect repeating the U.S. exist from Vietnam.

The 2020 election was a choice between Charybdis and Scylla and it was reasonable to abstain from voting. President Trump rated a D grade on his Covid 19 leadership and an F on environmentalism while President Biden leads the immoral political choices of democrats and a globalism that downgrades the U.S.A. and traditional family structures.

It may be that the Afghan army simply went the way of the Taliban without much of a fight when faced with the choice because western elite values of homosexual marriage were ludicrous to expect to be favorably regarded in a conservative Muslim nation. So it may be that President Biden used a kind of hard pragmatism regarding long term prospects for U.S. interests in that part of the world. perhaps a future Supreme Court decision will realize that marriage really is a heterosexual event and rectify the abomination of the Robert’s court; homosexuals can make a legal encumbrance for themselves if they wish comparable to that of matrimony. Less usurpation and more reasonable legislation with the consent of the governed would have been a better example to set for a polarized nation divided along party lines, or even deeper, along a line of those that support real democracy and equal political rights, political pluralism and free speech, secure borders, a good ecosphere in recovery and those that don’t.

To work to change Afghan society for two decades and then drop the exposed coldly when some practical military fortifications and security help to the Afghan government was possible makes me wonder what the values were that made the deal of giving the Taliban everything they want was.

Does the D.C. political scene expect a warlord to emerge to challenge the Taliban. Are warlords even morally qualified for U.S. support. Did the U.S. in homogenizing an Afghan military so centralize it was to erase the prospects for warlords to arise? Will the military equipment the U.S. gave to the Afghan government and the military training not go largely to the Taliban? There are numerous questions one might consider if it is not really practical to ignore the Taliban, wish them good luck for a happy a prosperous reorganization of that nations and just go about passing a half trillion dollars of day care in order to let more people work for Wall Street while their progeny are indoctrinated by the party.





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