Florida and Texas Governors want sick school kids?

 Because there were reports that Covid 19 causes subtle brain vessel rupture in the brain stem it seems wrong to nearly require school kids to be exposed to Covid 19 in public schools in Texas, Florida and Alabama. Maybe the governors of those states ought to reconsider their efforts to sicken school children that might need some goading to wear a mask in school instead of robbing a liquor store or burglarizing a home as some kids in Florida reportedly have tried on occasions.

Why is it that some state governors seem to be from the bottom of the barrel on intelligence yet do so well? Is that a union kind of thing. Not that the U.S. Government or yippee weather radio gets anything right; not even same day wind direction forecasts like as not. The stupidest thing about  Obamacare or food stamps is that they aren’t administered like federal program with services valid in all the states without requiring that poor people change their state of residence to get the state officials to believe they live there. Programs that are designed for the sedentary and established jst don’t work so well all of the time for the poor that need to travel seasonally in order not to freeze, or get heat exhaustion or to find a job.

Sickness can occur in a human regardless of what state one is living or travelling in, and hunger can also occur if one goes to another state to look for a job for six weeks. Some bureaucracies require six weeks for a coffee break.

Relying upon state governments to deliver federal programs is simply stupid in the modern era wear people don’t use horses to get around so much as they used to. The Von Pelosi extortion plan to lever 3.5 trillion dollars for a simple 1 trillion dollar infrastructure plan to pass seems dubiously ethical as well; it might be better to give a $3000 stimulus to all poor adults earning below federal poverty level than to just dump pork to special interests. It might be a lot cheaper and more fair. Why not eliminate income tax and sales tax for anything solar or wind power related as well instead of filtering progress through some lame federal program probably dumbed down by state governors.





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