Let a couple hundred thousand Afghan refuges find jobs in California and Florida

 One good side of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan fiasco is that Afghans are very good people that would make good U.S. citizens. The Biden administration should get serious about brings two or three hundred thousand to the U.S. and settle them in California.

  Afghanistan is a tough part of the world these days. I suggested years ago that the U.S. should establish old Spanish style fortifications there that are very safe places for soldiers to reside while backing up the native army for 50 years or so like we have in Germany because of the “‘Russian threat” presumably. Alternatively the U.S. doesn’t want to seem like a colonial power so 20 years may be the limit of working to create a safe zone for everyone in central Asia.

 The Taliban with a new and improved army well supplied by the Biden administration will be better at self-defense for thirty years or so and will even have an air force with helicopter pilot training presumably donated by former Pakistani pilots. Maybe the Taliban will defrappe Chinese expansion when they aren’t on the Chinese payroll. perhaps China will regard the Sea of China as an easier spot to build islands in order to claim shallow verdant waters that actually belong to several nations without adequate militaries to defrump Chinese expansion.

The Taliban could get off to a good start if it allows a few hundred thousand of its people to exit and help them get to nations that want them unlike Turkey, Greece and Russia. The Talibani could seem more civil, modern and willing to work on good large projects with shovel-ready jobs like build a high speed rail from the Indian Ocean to Russia should all parties want anything like that, and have the dollars to build it.





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