President Biden believes the Taliban is the Super-power?

 I don’t understand why President Biden has so much trouble getting an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan. He has A-10s, B-52s and Predators with hellfire missiles available to create safe exit zone around Afghanistan for Americans and others. Instead it seems as if he has taken the Barbara Streisand defense leadership course  (I like Barbara yet would choose her for a security guard in a rough neighborhood).

If some sort of blood letting follows the weak looking U.S. exit and lots of Afghans are slaughtered the President will really have a political price to pay, in addition to the loss of life. Sometimes assertiveness counts. The way it looks you would think the Taliban and Isis K are the super-power.

A B-52 carries 70,000 pounds of ordinance for creating safe exit zone around Afghan airports. Perhaps a perimeter circling airfields carpet bombed for a distance of three miles at several locations would permit careful ingress of Afghans seeking to flee that nation before stoning or beheading. Ospreys could lift some Afghans a short way to 3rd countries until they could arrive in the U.S.A.

Russians might have expected some U.S.-Taliban argument about extended the evacuation date and withdraw some of their people from Kabul already. Maybe obliterating the Presidential palace would help urban reconstruction for the Taliban since they won’t have a President. What is wrong with Mr. Biden anyway? A simple plan to create safe zones with proper warning to Afghans to evacuate impacted neighborhoods might be a reasonable step to create a safe exit revision plan.





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