Building and/or dividing a more(t) (im)perfect union

A lot of phrases are trite these days; sadly unification is one such word. The nation is a unification of states, the politics may differ. Some politicians would prefer easy to control ants marching together to serve Wall Street and Boston elites while few comprehend what makes good politics. Good politics are good ideas. Politicians that serve the public instead of themselves and special interests find good ideas and express them in campaigns. F.D.R. and R.R. did that.

I should point out that in the U.S.A. today there is great complexity in making correct political analysis for a polity that is badly informed by a biased and/or ignorant, superficial media owned by and pursuing special interest viewpoints. Many political groups have anachronistic or outdated points of view regarding their relationship in regard to other political groups that are sometimes regarded as adversaries. Even if certain objectives were to be achieved by various political interests the result would not be what they expected. Interestingly enough few are able to correlate all of the meaningful viewpoints, prospects and interests within a working order for the overall state of the United States; That can apply to understanding real national security prospects for the future too, with foreign affairs running hot and cold in regard to dangers and opportunities together. Some of the filters for viewing and interacting with foreign concerns are contingent on which element of domestic politics it relates to. The United States today isn’t too complex to rightly process politically, it is just the case that not too many are concerned with the way the overall state of national affairs proceeds and instead place blind faith not in God, but in Wall Street and theories about capitalism that are as hoary as theories about socialism.

One may select party candidates that are right and proper persons with bad ideas. The U.S. marketplace wants candidates that are unblemished and that can be sold without returns or complaints to consumers. Ideas for political platforms are secondary and at any rate need be subordinated to the political correctness test of what helps concentrate wealth and peonize and subjectivize citizens. The rich control of mass media and social media assure repression of dissenting ideas; any political thought not recognized to support either the left version of Wall Street or that of the right.

Plainly Vice President Harris could use a new speech writer who comprehends honor and military service, valor and courage as well as the non-harm, anything goes, satisfy everyone that isn’t to the right appeal to the left. She may be the Presidential candidate for the Democrat party in 2024 should aging Joe Biden decide to retire to Golden Pond (not the one in Wisconsin) and fish the Chesapeake Bay. The Vice President’s apprenticeship four years should bring her to a ready condition sufficient to give the public confidence enough to elect her providing the Republicans run another plunder the environment candidate without charisma or good political ideas pervasively.

V.P. Harris should recognize that her party is the party of division in pursuit of a one-party system. Reinforcing illegal immigration and bilingualism does not support unification. Neither do abortions, homosexual marriage, cutting taxes on the rich as did President Barrack Obama. Her party divided even itself over the second infrastructure bill. Apparently throwing out the election plans for green, sustainable economic infrastructure Speaker Pelosi has sought to force another pass it to find out what’s in it mega-bill of 3.5 trillion dollars through in order to give free day care to illegal aliens and others perhaps. Great potential for division and none for unification. Even with the support of Chief Justice Roberts Democrats monomaniacally pursue policies that divide the nation in the long run as they downsize the white male element of the nation.

Basically there are two good and necessary ideas for a uniting the populous of the United States in the long run.

1) Secure borders with a vast salt-water desalinization canal along the Mexican border piping up saltwater to Deming New Mexico to let it flow downhill east and west making millions and millions of gallons of freshwater with sunshine, evaporation and condensation for the U.S. southwest. Keep citizenship meaningful, Provide green economic help to foreign nations rather than flooding the U.S,A, with cheap labor.

2) Green economic infrastructure for sustainability with a guarantied minimum income, 60% income tax on the richest 1% and free college tuition including graduate school

Most policies of both major parties downsize exiting Americans and work to promote them to peon-subject status employed by global corporate in cooperation with the Chinese communist party elites. Billionaires invest globally and are fundamentally transnational characters. Without a secure polity the people will be divided by the rich control of borders, language, culture and composition demographically of the nation that they would mold into meaningless proles being reduced through dope, homosexuality and atheism into mindless consumers unconcerned with traditional family units. The policies of division are requisite for the conquest of Americans by plutocrats. Unity requires respect for God and political consensus to find ways to let people be free without forcing their particular way or preferences upon others. An enlightened electorate of intelligent citizens able to encounter ideas in a marketplace of ideas should be the most effective way to address the challenges presented by demographics and environmental over-use and abuse.

A brief history of how the U.S.A. got to its present state of disunity should include a sketch of the problems with U.S. leadership since the Reagan administration.

President George H.W. Bush inherited the Reagan legacy of federal debt and budget deficits and the end of the Cold War following the Red Army withdrawal from East Germany in January 1989. If 41 had been re-elected perhaps the problems might have been avoided. 41 was a phi beta kappa in economics; his problems were in his primaries and the media attitude toward him. NPR joked of french maids in Nova Scotia and Pat Buchanan ads seemed to imply some sort of Bacchanalian revelry with leather clothing, whips and chains. 41’s relationship with spokesman Marlin Fitzwater were regarded in the same vein as that of Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton. None knew if it was factual.

Democrats ran a slew of candidates in 1992. Either John or Bob Kerry would have been good Presidents. Instead Democrats choose the media favorite Bill Clinton in 92. The Clintons bent U.S. politics until the present with unwillingness to stay off the stage.

President Bill burned a Christian sect at Waco on the 52nd day of a siege inadvertently helping elect President Bush 43 in 2000. Bill Clinton’s Lewinsky affair shattered respect for the Oval office and set an example for loose social morals and public lying for cover-ups that has since become routine. Probably people didn’t really believe Donald Trump’s denials of sexual impropriety with a dozen or more women; it was just that he ran against the rather detested and distrusted Hillary Clinton in 2012 who was herself believed to be a consummate lying lawyer ala’ Lady Macbeth. Hillary Clinton elected Donald Trump- the Genghis Khan of American environmental plundering- in the same way that Sen Edward Kennedy elected Reagan by running against President Carter in the 1980 Democrat primary. Sen Edward Kennedy developing brain concern and dying from it later seemed to take up rather crazy policies during the 1990s increasingly until he finally died. Kennedy and Clinton destroyed any semblance of political unity in the United States.

During the Clinton administration Anglophilism raged with Bill Clinton promoting British Thermal Units in conservation jargon and the Youth-knighthood-states being common media lingo equal in quantity to that of sharing rem earlier. President Bill’s Lewinsky troubles helped promote the Newt Gingrich era in Congress of an (illegal) contract with America approach to politics during the 90s. Cutting taxes and promoting irrationally exuberant growth became de rigeur almost unto the present except for slumps from Covid 19, the 2008 derivatives, mortgage crisis and the 2000-1999 twin towers and cyber-tech crises.

President Bush 43 lied or deceived the nation about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as a reason to go to war. He said that rebuilding Iraq would cost 50 billion dollars; the cost would add several trillions present and future dollars to US, public debt. Because President Bush 43 benefited politically from the war as the Democrat intifada ended along with the Twin Towers people suspected some high-level perfidy was involved. Apparently 43 had an oil company that Osama Bin Ladin or a close relation invested in. Osama was apparently allowed to escape from Torah Bora to Pakistan where President Obama reeled him in on the 10th anniversary of 9-11 before the shelved item became spoilt. President Bush 43’s inept handling of the economy with prolific spending and no-bid contracts for Halliburton in Iraq seemed to lead to the 2008 financial crisis that was in part blamed on President Clinton’s policies of compelling financial corporations to spend on loans for housing, yet derivatives were a clever instruments designed I believe by quants employed by elite brokerages and banks, People were much relieved to have President Bush 43 gone from office, and Hillary Clinton running in 2008 helped get the fast-tracked Harvard product Barrack Obama elected to the White House to usher in every wacko leftist policy of benefit to Harvard and Wall Street. He made the Bush II tax cuts and vast federal deficits permanent.

The balancing of the federal budget that was a major campaign issue as late as 1992…it became lost afterwards generally with supply-side economics and the concentration of wealth with perennial deficits becoming annual choices for both parties. Deficit hawks perished The only exception was the final year of the second Clinton term when Republicans owned the disgraced President and had their way with budget cuts to the poor.

Now the nation is politically splintered; the traditional middle class being replaced by cheap foreign workers and other politically elements compliant to the rich. Legal and illegal immigrants generally are more politically compliant with sinecured middle class sponsors. The federal debt that may reach 34 trillion in 2022 if the second Pelosi infrastructure bill goers through, and it will generate the effect of displacing real ecological reform that would discomfort the economic structure of established wealth. Arnold Toynbee noted that an inability for an established economy to change is one of the prime causes of the fall of civilizations. An environment in decline and numerous foreign threats that cannot be easily remedied for a divided national culture satisfactory to the wealthiest.





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