Continuing with the metaphysical speculation

I have continued to work on my science fiction book project. Following is chapter 3 from part two. I had to write some story to support the metaphysical speculation that’s an implicit purpose of the book…  

Clip Murderm on assignment from Heneral Scaldeen arrived at the Secretions of the Hidden Universe minutes after Victor Scriabin decimated the ruling criminal council and President Maud Dlib in a devastating explosion at Lobang. He did not tarry at the secretions and continued on through to Lootanburn while the height of the imperial criminal first responders to the obliteration of the Supreme Parole council chamber members delivered a horde of criminals to secure the scene of the disaster.

The exit of the Hexi corridor on Lobang was just minutes away via hypertube from Lootanburn and the Emporium mess he learned of on the hypertube’s criminal news you can use screen. Clip Murderm had left the Hexi just before the status bar of the Hexi changed from green to red. He was cut off from the Hidden Universe and evidently left on his own in the original Universe for the time being.

Murderm realized he was the highest ranking survivor of the Imperial Criminal Empire in this Universe and had the natural right to rule, or believed he did until he was informed via comm link of the distress signals of Heneral Cheryl Scaldeen and Commander Nikrita Kukuk. Murderm knew Scaldeen was higher ranking than himself yet if she was in captivity in this Universe, apparently on the planet Beach of the Dwindling Worlds, the logical implication meant he was indeed acting leader of the Criminal Universe; his Universe at least until he got around to liberating Scaldeen from captivity. He wasn’t in a hurry.

The hypertube depot was near the Emporium. A trio of criminal security personnel assigned to the Supreme Parole where waiting for him.

“Get me Maud Dlib’s aide de camp if he she or it survived the blast and have it at the Emporium annex where I will take charge of this miserable world. Have the head of security waiting too, along with the Lobang cartel’s chief enforcement officer.”

With that order to the leader of the pack of three security officers Murderm asserted his alpha criminal leadership role that he knew he would enjoy playing for the foreseeable future. Even so he realized soberly that it would be necessary to work with vigor to free Scaldeen and Kukuk so he would not appear to have been not trying to do so should they actually be released, escape or broken out of captivity at Beach.

The security officer communicated to the security office to locate and deliver the right people to the Emporium annex. They neared the main entrance of the annex located across the piazza from the Emporium.

Murderm looked askance at the dust in the air, shattered glass and miscellaneous debris from the blast at the Emporium, turned his head and walked inside the annex.

A tall, dark stranger with a menacing look and a missing eye replaced by a micro-computer with full spectrum sensors stood by a gaming table. He said to Murderm walking his way; “Sir, I am McRaegore Lutfist, former aide de camp for the late President of Lobang and countless other realms of profit.”

Great Lutfist; give me a report on the state of affairs Maud Dlib oversaw. In short, what irons did she have in the fire.”

Lutfist said; “The late President had looted the intellectual properties of nearly four thousand worlds and had seventeen thousand active planetary and system projects of infiltration and establishment for the end of looting any worthwhile intellectual properties. Most of the data obtained was consolidated here to Lobang and sent through the Hexi corridor to the High council of criminal elites in the Hidden Universe.”

“Yes Lutfist; and the data there was forwarded unto the alien sponsors of the criminal high council. That practice stops now. All intellectual data will be consolidated unto me for data storage through you. You McRaegore are my new aide de camp as leader of this criminal universe. Regard me as the new Maud Dlib if you will and the high council and aliens as effectively dead.”

“What Sir, if I may ask, about Heneral Scaldeen? She won’t tolerate being second to anyone other than Maud Dlib.”

“McRaegore, she is a captive on the Dwindling World’s planet Beach along with Commander Nikrita Kukuk. That’s why I am taking charge during this interregnum of leaders. I don’t know what has happened with the high council or the aliens; for the present the Hexi and communication with the Hidden Universe or the alien universe isn’t working. I brought a copy of all of the patentable data the aliens got from us though, on a hyper-memory chip. Take it and see if you can find anything useful on it that would enable us to restore extra-universal travel and comms.” Murderm took a hyper-mem chip from a pocket and handed it to Lutfist, who took it.

“One more thing Lutfist. Some of the criminals infiltrating the Dwindling Worlds are dispirited by all of the civil rights developments that have curtailed most physical torture. I want to do something to lift their spirits; so send care packages of wireless torture technology to our cells so they can bring torture that is untracable and unaccountable to the Dwindlings Worlds that all of the paper on the planets can’t stop, and smiles to our loyal criminals.”

“Yes sirpt’ Lutfist replied. He about faced and walked to an administrative area in the corner of the temporary HQ of the criminal empire of the Universe.

When the chief enforcement officer arrived following the head of Emporium security Murderm said; “You are Shung Gnu, chief enforcement officer of the Lobang cartel?”

Shung Gnu nodded his head in agreement.

“The you are my new head of planetary security, and I am the new President of the criminal universe. You’re first task is to reform Emporium security. Cut off the heads of all present Emporium security officers, encase them in clear poured plastic to make paperweights for my new staff here, and establish your cartel gang siccarios as my new Emporium security officers.”

“Shung Gnu obeyed the new order extracting a stiletto sword and slashing off the former chief of the Emporium’s security in the blink of an eye followed by a kata killing the trio of security officers present with a similar decisive slash.

“Ah, evolution is such a lovely thing” president Murderm said. “This place has suites doesn’t it McRaegore?”

“Yes sir; a Vice Presidential suite too.”

“Good McRaegore; that is my new Presidential suite and office for the Universe until we find a better, more suitable accommodation. Send a pack of service women to it with champagne, caviar and smoked grimm meat.”

“Yes Sir” McRaegore replied.

Walking away to the mag-lift Murderm said over his shoulder; “And get the best operator we have to liberate Heneral Scaldeen and Commander Kukuk from Beach. Expedite the insertion of personnel to infiltrate the governments and business leadership of worlds we haven’t started looting of ideas yet. I will be busy for a while. Do not disturb for a couple of hours. Get rolling McRaegore; time’s wasting.”





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