Democratic raid on Treasury is stalled in Congress

 The Democrat Party’s four and a half trillion dollar great raid has stalled in Congress with Democrats fighting amongst themselves. There are two kinds of meaningful infrastructure that refer to physical infrastructure that are plain in the present circumstance; traditional and green. The fake label ‘human infrastructure’ was conjured up to put the party’s L.S.D. platform through in a great raid on the treasury. L.S.D. in the party lexicon refers to the Liberal Socialist Democrat faction.

 An honorable government works better in the long run than a dishonorable one with a myriad of fake names and labels, pass it to find out what’s in it bills and various sorts of flummery to send pork to favorite special interests. Too many dishonorable government policies actual do add up to a bent and deleterious national course over time. The broadcast media have been especially helpful in conditioning government and the public to forked tongue slight of hand trickery so the government is not entirely alone.

When one compiles dishonorable federal policies of the past half century it is fairly weighty. Thirty four trillion dollars of public debt requiring more than a trillion annually to pay the interest is just bad policy. Good policy would work toward a balanced budget that eliminates federal debt. Bills through Congress should be accurately named. Social service bills should be categorized as social services rather than as infrastructure. Confucius began his career with the rectification of names- that venerable honesty in labeling paradigm continues to have merit.

The trillion dollar traditional infrastructure should just go ahead. Then a 2 trillion dollar soley green infrastructure bill should be passed. After that would be the time for a billion to increase taxes on the rich followed by a social services bill. Honest government does not need to trick or force every measure upon the populace nor should it seek to do so.

I should mention that someone should include a budget to create a scientific council and study group to find a way to make those millions of miles of U.S. heat absorbing asphalt highways heat reflectors ot collect photons for electrical power. New intelligence can be useful.





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