‘Once in a Generational’ nuclear hypersonic missiles assure enough supply for everyone!

New hypersonic missiles that travel from mach 6 to mach 17 have taken center stage recently in the global race to annihilate itself. Fortunately the Chinese have joined the Russians in owning the fast and nearly direct fire missiles that can shoot under the radar to hit sitting duck targets defending by anti-ballistic missiles.




These hyper-sonic weapons are a great advance over the old, slow, mirved, marved ballistic missiles of your dad’s day that merely delivered high trajectory packages of city incineration and global winter. The hypersonic items can be launched soon from a number of platforms such as submarines and any old sort of surface ship traveling the oceans and possibly even dropped like cruise missiles from an airborne platform in the near future. Thus plenty of boom is promised for everyone without any sort of supply shortages.

Once more global political leadership is making great strides of progress to kill everyone thus saving money and bitcoin on the problem of global warming that has taken a minority portion of the comfort food economic budget of the Democrat party. One can’t tax those millionaires or their poor relative millionaire kindred and keep the economy going.





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