LA Lakers and Baby Carriage Tricycles

 One might wish it was as easy too invent an LA Lakers line-up and game plan as easily as it would be to manufacture sit-down, high quality tricycle-baby carriages; even electric ones for a reasonably price. With a very interesting team the Lakers seem to lack a cutting small forward like Talen Horton -Tucker who could sharply go to the hoop with a reverse layup; he is injured. Lacking Alex Caruso’s tenacious defense since the trade the Lakers have two important elements missing/

LeBron James though very old in basketball years is still in the top 2% of people anyone wants on their team. He does seem to be the sharpest passer the Lakers have, and when he is out of the line-up do to injuries to ankle that recur when opposition yippies target his ankles because they can’t compete otherwise with the old fellow, the Lakers suffer.

If the Lakers can hobble through the regular season and the other old fellow Carmello Anthony can on occasion contribute a few twenty points in twenty minutes games off the bench, and if Russell Westbrook can figure out how to pass as well as Pete Maravich, and if Anthony Davis can play good defense without injury an Achilles they have a good chance to win the title. All in all its the most fun team to watch in years with something like an older all-stars with younger going up against mostly sharp younger teams with decent centers and good three point shooters.

Lacking a John Havlicek kind of guy who can use Anthony Davis like  Larry Bird or Danny Ainge used Kevin McHail Davis has a little too much coverage on him. When LeBron was five years younger he drew defense to him like flies and that would have worked. Unfortunately James in now probably perceived as an equal threat to Davis and when James is on the bench there isn’t another forward shooting threat. maybe Dwight Howard’s offensive skills could be dusted off and used more on special occasions close in.





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