U.S. tries global agreements to substitute for competent global warming reduction legislation in Congress

It is well known that the U.S. Congress isn’t capable of decisive and adequate action to radically slow global warming. Fundamentally people aren’t bright enough to comprehend the problems facing everyone nearly as well as their own, so they vote for personal pork and run exhaust into the atmosphere without concern. At election time Democrats talk a good game on global warming then do nothing. It would be great if the problem were solved and humanity could move on, yet that just doesn’t happen any more than the federal deficit is reduced.

 Democrats ran on global warming campaigns even including building a sunscreen at L-5 in space. Now they have set it on the back burner with day care and parental leave for homo-couples and some straights on the front burner. https://news.yahoo.com/obama-urging-governments-action-un-120628866.html

At least former President Barrack Hussein Obama was explaining everyone  rowing in the same direction (no mention of oars needing to be in the water though) to get somewhere at the Glasgow conference before chastising Russia and China for being in the eastern hemisphere or something like that (or it might have been for not showing up to confess their polluting natures).

Some people believe the world will end and so nothing is required t repair the atmosphere’s health, and they may be correct since not fixing global warming and increasing population and immorality may result in some sort f global catastrophic change. At least bitcoin can be counted on not to crash in value from its near 70,000 dollars for one if the dollar collapses after the internet collapses and EMP blasts wipe out data on computer memories.

  It would be interesting to remake James Stewart’s Its a Wonderful Life and have Big Bird or the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man replace Harvey the Invisible Rabbit who it is revealed is a global warming denier persuading Stewart (maybe John Stewart could play Jimmy) to join the dark side of the force. 

So long as the U.S.A. can blame Russia and China nothing will be required of Congress for the next few years.





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