Crypto Currencies; the right tool to flim-flam U.S. Dollars and Government Policy?

 Since the Reagan administration began running vast federal deficits under the Rubric of Lafferian supply-side economics the dollar has developed a dubious, curious nature of being valued on the basis of the full flim-flam of the U.S. Government that relies on the wealth of public and private resources to give the dollar value. That is, since the end of the gold standard in the Nixon administration the dollar has value simple because people believe the government can make good on it through taxation if it needs to. Taxation on the rich though has progressively been reduced since 1981 having the effect that wealth is concentrated like unto that of the gilded age before the great Wall Street crash of 1929-30.  Crypto currencies are an alternative to the dollar. Crypto values may be set by the market.

 Rave speech demotic by the broadcast media has served to subvert perceptions of integrity of broadcast media and neo-government for a few decades. The present social ethic is that power works and that real constitutional rights are those of pragmatic power rather than those on paper. The public accepts passively the slide of financial power to 1% of the people of the United States and chronically porous borders that allow subversion of the labor wage values within the U.S.A. The gradual closure of internet free speech emasculating dissent and subjugation of politics to  policies of interest mostly to global plutocrats have been assisted bite the unanticipated rise of the era of global crypto-currencies that are already a favorite for global computer hacker-extortionist ransoms.

  It is ironic that in an era where terrorism and asymmetric war may become the sole effective means of communicating dissent to repressive government policies fructified in one-party rule, that anonymous use of crypto-currencies to create a new infrastructure for the rich for the new world order the potential for a free marketplace of ideas in social media to communicate dissent with less violence is the first free media gutted through leftist, neon-fascist corporate controls. Violence is a form of communication. Violence is a muted, dumbed-down, unintelligent form of expression unsuitable for intellectual and/or artistic messages. Sometimes over the course of history violence was the common language an establishment shared with the poor.

 Christianity and faith in the Lord is a completely different ethic to that of worldliness. It largely negates the utilitarian calculus of war as politics through other means familiar to Clausewitz.  Civilians as elements of economics that use war as an economic tool are not considered as such. Instead they are regarded as sinners unless saved, strutting about on a comparatively meaningless temporal stage.

    I would like to comment here about the rock, paper, scissors nature of the broadcast media power to control or shape public thought; the zeitgeist, in support of their interests of reinforcing the increase of power and wealth for special interest classes as they interact to repress dissent and alternative directions of development of the political economy of the U.S.A. including that of ecological economics. Rather than using perpetual revolution the broadcast media organs of the rich utilize perpetual propaganda or deconstruction dissimulation for effectuating repression. The endless sort of social strife generated as everyone pursues narrow self and special interests increases in the U.S.A. as the ideals of the founding philosopher-warrior political class is deconstructed over-much. Each generation of the 21st century need become as wise as serpents and be spiritually as gentle as doves to pursue the necessary ideal political economy, as ideal as that envisioned by the founders, if it is to adapt the national and world economies that has far too many people using the planet’s finite natural resources in a very inefficient system ecologically speaking.

     Relying upon blind chance evolution of an ideal temporal political economy through concentrating wealth in an ostensibly free market of global corporatism owned primarily by 1% of the people probably is the path to very dystopian futures with civilians and all people being legitimate targets of war by insiders and outsiders as everyone is an element in a self-destructive global system. In war a legitimate target is one that well supports victory. That is, utilitarian principles guide a government’s conduct of war at the core (e.g. fire-bombing of Dresden, nuclear incineration of the civilians of Hiroshima and Nagasaki), including public relations consequences and propaganda choices.. Utilitarianism can have an abstract object group it seeks to benefit or bring the most good to; that is it could be the greatest good for the richest, most powerful or revolutionary. Utilitarianism can have a moral relativism and implicitly has subject-object variability.

     A factor exacerbating determinative social fatalism is false eschatological beliefs held by some Christians, Muslims and godless atheists (they believe pre-tribulationism is the essential rather than just a popular Christian eschatology) alike that an apocalypse lies ahead. That apocalypse occurred in the first century A.D. with the destruction of Jerusalem. The Lord Jesus Christ will return in his own time perhaps after the maximum numbers of people possible are saved (an indefinite time paradigm).

    Crypto-currencies are private and secret and appear to be a solid alternative to the dollar. Early in U.S. history the U.S. government expropriated the right of banks to print their own currencies and the U.S. government became the sole entity with the legal ability to issue currencies of legal tender. Without legislation they government has relinquished that right and has stepped aside to give crypto-currencies the inside position as a reliable substitute for the dollar that may be able to survive possible deflation of the dollar that could arise as confidence in flim flam deficit spending policies, accumulated vast public debt, great tax cut  for the rich support of the Obama and Trump administrations and networks of secret crypto-currencies serving rich plutocrats like a global invisible empire of a plutocrat Klan arising to degrade U.S. dollars to the status of slum dollars for those holding the bag of public debt.

 Like the vast mass switching of allegiance that is exemplified in the prisoners and diner’s dilemmas the dollar may at some future time experience a great exodus from the public perception of it as a potential slum currency to the more attractive realm of crypto-currencies backed by the market . Full faith in the invisible monetary empire of plutocrats buying into crypto-currencies like Elon Musk may make the trickle become a flood stimulating the collapse of the dollar. It wouldn’t be too surprising to discover that plutocrats like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates buy into or start crypto currencies themselves. Crypto-currencies of solid value that rise in value like gold when the dollar collapses might let the 1% that already own more than 35% of national income and control most of the other entirely purchase vestigial independent elements of the private sector if the dollar collapses. Crypto-currencies without borders relying on market values and with the full faith and credit in the worldly rich holding it could be an excellent tool to subtly accelerate the decline and fall of the value of the U.S. dollar.

 One might wonder if Vladimir Putin, Bill Clinton and English royalty have bought into crypto-currencies, or if Belarus has a high cost of living. The U.S. government to remain solvent may need to invest dollars in crypto currency speculation. Alternatively some future administration may need to relocate the U.S. capitol to Belarus after the Washington D.C. capitol is sold off for crypto-currency with other U.S. public properties like Mount Rushmore to pay down public debt.





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