Democrats Apparently Place $500 Billion Value on Global Environment

The Democrat’s present Big Big Really Big spending plan has set the value of environmental problems including green habitat loss, species extinction and global atmospheric heating at $500 billion dollars. They could force through any amount they want, for example %5 trillion dollars and a pack of regulations such as new zoning laws that conserve vestigial wild spaces, yet are more concerned with day care so three-year-olds can be properly indoctrinated. They boast they can save $5000 for couples struggling through life on $100,000 annual income while aspiring students and others living on fewer than $8000 income yearly get nothing including free community college tuition.

 The Democrats recalcitrance to make good on serious environmental economic reform after raising election hopes in 2020 should be remembered. It was largely a ruse concerning environmental issues. They conceded just enough to wrest votes from Republicans. Real concerns of Democrats may be reduced to a couple of important ones.

 Democrats use a one-party approach style of politics. One shouldn’t misunderstimate their intolerance or hidden agendas.  That could include a desire to have a dual Lesbian dictatorship not only in America, but in Afghanistan too, in order to liberate women from oppressive male subjugation. Another Democrat plan could be to unite California and Sinaloa into one province- a free intermediary province, that could provide a pathway for takeover of the American Southwest by the Sinaloa Cartel that would have its leader as Governor of all the Californias from coast to coast below the Mason-Dixon line moving farther north every year with the snow level retreating toward Canada.





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