The Founders Were White Nationalists ( not whites only)

George Washington was white and a nationalist, therefore he was a white nationalist. Muddying logic works quite well to serve the concentration of wealth socially with any dissidence to globalism and plutocratic interests disqualified in some way or other as a racist or general foe of the placid democrat persons in the corporate acceptable set for receiving views or even publishing in mainstream social media.

 Democrats have served to divide and conquer the electorate for the benefit of corporate plutocracy and trans-nationalism. The left in pursuit of global socialism; the policy of Trotsky rather than Stalin, long ago decided that nations were anathema to global socialism, and the concept of one-world utopia presumably with a dictatorship of the proletariat and some sort of administration class was the apple of their eye.

Nations should be the laboratories of democracy independent from invasive trans-national economic controls. Nations should be places were a sovereign citizenship not undermined by illegal migrant trans-nationalists politically determine their own use of natural and public resources, set tax standards and social organization of political economy. Nations should be as independent as George Washington and  other founders envisioned America with liberty and justice for all that did of course require time to develop.

The United States presently seems to be developing in a way that self-destructs sovereignty over its own borders making a farce of efforts for zero population growth to conserve natural resources. It is something like the Club of Rome’s situation as one of the original zero population growth organizations that was working in Italy as that nation had negative population growth achieved before the EC arrived and a flood of legal and illegal migrants arrived.

Nation s did not cause the 20th century of war. The first world war (the one to end all wars) was a war of imperialism and aristocratic rulers. Because the Kaiser was given a golden parachute to live in Holland and the war wasn’t fought to a conclusion instead ending with an armistice with bad terms for the security of France among numerous reasons, the second world war followed. The second world war has been called the last battle of world war one.

The balance of the rest of the 20th century wars were fought because of global communist Neo-imperialism of the post-Stalinist era in the Soviet Union, and western powers that stood against it. Additional wars were a consequence of the end of colonialism or to end colonialism, and over leadership of post-colonial rule often conflating revolutionary movements with international socialist war against the west during the cold war era.

Nations are comparable to cells in a body that is the Earth and its economic demesne (including the Moon and Mars too perhaps). The cells need meaningfully secure cell walls (borders) to keep themselves free from adverse viruses, and to internally function. Lysing the cell integrity with various adverse forms of migration and transnational finance  can subvert the cellular function and kill democracy globally. One then gets some form of dictatorship of an imperial kind.

The world does have numerous challenges including global warming, over-population and mass migration. The most efficient way to solve those problems would be with the rise of good national policies supporting secure borders and ecological economic policies that are economically sustainable. If the United States for example had good national policies of efficiency and sustainability with a balanced federal budget it could then be an example to other nations including poorer ones, especially to its south that have a long tradition of dictatorships, government corruption and in Mexico, mass drug trafficking in support of sales to corrupt U.S. consumers. 

To repair the inefficient economic practices of one country could be a sourdough starter to repair or develop other nations on similar sustainable lines. Global plutocracy and imperialism of elite Neo-aristocrats work directly against that. Even the United States government has basically laid down clueless as covert crypto-currencies build a stronger, more secure currency for the rich that might have a way to survive with fortunes intact a possible decline and fall of the U.S. dollar because of the vast public debt of the U.S. government. The Democrat Party in recent years has been to concerned with legalizing dope and teaching homosexuality in public schools to be concerned with  dangers to democracy that are clear and present. It spent the entire four years of the Trump administration chasing a fiction about Donald Trump as a collusionist with Russia, and the Steele Document turned out to be a product of a Clinton campaign operative. Homosexual marriage was forced by the left and Chief Justice Roberts further dividing the electorate. That was unfortunate and avoidable for if marriage had been left to itself a rational institution and homosexuals started legislation for themselves to secure their own communal interests realistically the conflict could have been avoided for the U.S. electorate probably would have tolerated homosexual contractual behavior as a principle consistent with self-determination and privacy.

Homosexuals likened themselves to repressed Negroes during the Obama era an irrational device to enlist public support and self-righteous termination and oppression of expressions of dissident options about homosexual marriage.  Along with the rise of concepts of hate crimes and hate speech the conflation of homosexuality with black in the leftist-corporatist lexicon of repression so far as to make the terms interchangeable have made it child’s play for plutocrats owning the broadcast and social media to divide the electorate on completely non-economic grounds and to marginalize dissidents that don’t support homosexuality or deficit spending policies from Washington D.C.

A politically segregated social media is another tool for global plutocrats to buy the U.S.A. Some people of course are in favor of that.  Some Americans would like a classless society ruled over by rich plutocrats that asked nothing of them and expected no political dissidence or opinions about how the rich manage political affairs. Imperialism does command some regard from those that might enjoy the role of being comfortable subjects with no moral boundaries or political self-determination responsibility.

It is the tax rate of the rich that should be the real political issue for Americans today; it is far too low. If homosexual marriage laws were reversed and the masses of Americans were prosperous and clever enough to eliminate poverty most of the substance of race issues would fade away.





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