Tubman, District of Geronimo

 I suppose it’s just a matter of time until Democrats try to get rid of the name of Washington D.C. Like the Washington football team formerly known as the Redskins the names of a slave owner and a killer of Caribbean Arawak Indians; a felonious, yacht sailing Governor returned to his colony-owning royal liege king in chains (Columbus) may be perceived to be a bad influence on the next generation of kinder, gentler Americans. The likeliest name to appear might be the U.S. capitol city of Tubman in the District of Geronimo.

 Some would argue that the founders were all white nationalists; racists seeking to create a nation. With no black signers of the Declaration of Independence no one on the left; the Antifah side left, can ever use the racist slur of Black Nationalist in reference to founders of the United States. Evidently the media has discovered a way to stop white people from being nationalists rather than globalists (globalism is preferred by the Global Plutocracy and the broadcast media). If there is a difference between white nationalists and whites only nationalists that subtlety would wont disambiguation beyond the ken of broadcast journalism.

  Without the inclusion of the slave-owning colonies in the revolutionary movement of the United States the British would have had enjoyed  remaining in possession of half of the thirteen states and with Canada to the north the new United States would have found the road to independence much more challenging. Nearly two-hundred and fifty years after the founding of the U.S.A. even in the former slave-owning states a mostly white jury in a national media event with Rev. Al Sharpton in the courtroom, deliberated on a verdict of guilt for three white men who drove up in a truck to confront a black jogger resulting in the young man being shot to death with a shotgun. Just two days after a black neo- Nazi killed six people with his car and injured fifty more probably or possibly because he didn’t like the verdict of the Rittenhouse trial, the Georgia jury disregarded that act of terror and convicted the three whites to the approval of the Rev. Al Sharpton sending a powerful message abroad concerning jury intimidation and black mobs matter.

 Video evidence makes a great improvement in finding true verdicts these days compared to b.s. majority opinions of biased witnesses as has occurred innumerable times in the past. Establishments do sometimes exert their power and position advantages to victimize people through corrupt use of the legal systems bearing false witness etc. Even so it is plain that some of the improvement can be undermined in regard to integrity by mass media and mass protest events that make it impossible realistically to find an unbiased jury panel anywhere in the United States. An improvement in that area may be wonted too in an age where mass mobs, civil unrest including rioting and terrorism may occur with regularity to influence juries. Show trials to appease mobs and rioters leave a bad smell to the legal system floating beyond the tragic elements of victims and defendants in actual criminal trials. Even if all three were actually guilty of breaking Georgia law, reaching a verdict two days after an act of mass terrorism in Wisconsin that might prevent terrorist reprisals in Georgia for an acquittal in Brunswick, is malodorous.





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