Metaverse Structures in the Mind of God (a poem)

Metaverse structures in the mind of God
no one has seen the Father
except the Son
who lives in the heart

  Mathematical structures past through
to different universes
exceeding set theory’s paradigms
faster than light

  As if the self-aware mind of the Metaverse
realized itself as the entire Metaverse
whence it expands at an infinite pace
faster than itself with infinite space

  Should an initial trans-universal, primordial field
differ with first cause and shear will
to perfect symmetries, balances and scale
four dimensions without origin filled

  A word spoken in the darkness
Hegelians may speculate
God realizes himself and perfect sentients
to generate an infinite number of Universes

  With infinite tools to actualize perfection
every possibility may need to  exist
anything less too incomplete 
where infinity falsified could consist

  Pluralism is a function
a defined construction sentient beings make
within a monistic field for-itself
to eternity time will take

  God, personifying the Trinity of Three Persons
is One symmetry-breaking for-Himself
monistic, plural, sentience omniscient
before existence, Universes and time

  If there is an infinite quantity
of every item in the mind of God
some were actualized in His Metaverse
-elements of infinite qualities of perfection

  Others should have reciprocals-
junctions where infinities
evolve less good coordinates so
functions fade away to nothingness

  Against an infinite plain of being
from nothingess every script arises
that for-never existed
into time’s temporal order it goes

  Less than eternal brake temporal shores
partially, through glasses darkly
waving cardinal and ordinal positioned doors
existing sharply with general relativity

  Fractions adjust selections that work
with quantum settings for quantum field content
physical infrastructure births to entangled states
sent quanta-collapsed, entangled material Universe fate

  Divine selections pre-determine history
design parameters for evolving mystery
uncertainty in support of quantum time and motion
the Lord’s work to infinite oceans.





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