Tryming to Make New Fresh Water for the Southwest

The new day of Democrat party led environmentalism fell as flat as a failed souffle after the party reveal of the Von Biden green plan turned out to be trinkets and glass beads of 500 billion bucks and nothing more. Making water for the American southwest might be possible, as may be turning a million miles of solar heat absorbing black asphalt highways into light sunlight reflecting or even photon for voltaics surfaces if research were funded, yet another lawyer President just did the usually kick back to constituents rather than lead a green reformist upgrade to infrastructure and political economy.

One might like the invention of instant particle induction entanglement in the Higgs field products from nothing that would create anything imaginable out of thin air if it were possible. Using solar power to pump seawater to Deming New Mexico where it would spill downhill east and west partly evaporating and collecting under transparent roofs over the border canals is a simpler way to make millions and millions of gallons of fresh water for the parched southwest. It might be convenient to integrate solar powered electrolysis in the canals to produce hydrogen gas as well. The hydrogen would be made into a liquid to cool underground coils of super-conducting wire that would store solar energy during the day for release at night.

Superconducting power storage coils and lines could be built under or near railroads and freeways to let vehicles draw power directly for electric engines or to recharge on-board batteries wirelessly. If gov bureaucrats had some technical ingenuity such infrastructure could probably be designed and built within a couple of years.

I viewed an educational video on the Sahara desert again recently and realized it is a useful tool to consider the state of the present U.S.A. to in light of global warming from greenhouse gasses. The Sahara flipped from a lush green place with water to become a desert with less than a millimeter of precipitation annually, in less than two-hundred years. The cause of that was a twenty-thousand year cyclical wobbling of the Earth that changes rainfall patterns (we are in the midst of the desert cycle with the end of the green phase occurring 7000 years ago). That drying plus global warming could bring the U.S.A. to a desert condition in fewer than two hundred years as well, as the inventor of the Gaia hypothesis James Lovelock believed would happen writing in his book ‘The Final Warning’.

Covid 19 should make pre-school congregation dangerous for five years; so why not spend the money earmarked for three-year-old infection vectoring on building border desalinization canal infrastructure to provide fresh water for farming and civilian drinking in the southwest?





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