When Time Ends

 Those pesky poems rumble
brinking heavy thunder down
on the jungle
as electric cats scatter
when sound and light matter
precipitating pain
on morning rounds

  Sober-crowded rurals
pace reticles toward supply chain proplits
meaning-fooled muons
flip floppink to gluons
plutocratic manuring those CEOs
toward compiling planned blinging
songs of the Chief Justice’s middle finger

  Nothingness is a wave enveloping being
erasing every existing logic
more than sand castles crumbling
noiselessly in the water of time
opposing parenthesis on empty sets
spiders’ best economic networks
crab oars no more

  When time ends
below the surface
dimensions forever in place
within eyewalls of infinite universes
eternity begins
cycling faith with the Prince of Peace
upon the sea of glass.





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