Demos’ Fake Insurrection, the Kaiser, Hitler and other European Invaders of Russian Ukraine

I think of the United States these days as led by the Invisible Empire Soviet of Plutocrats, or, The Soviet, and both major parties as mostly unwitting service units to consolidate wealth for the plutocracy buying the planet. Therefore the fake insurrection of January 6, 2020 was, in my opinion, simply another incident to control the inane political narratives that comprises the U.S. political system these days. The Soviet in buying the world (along with the Chinese Communist Party) shorts the American poor creating permanent repressive barriers to a good life while luring the middle class to support the present system concentrating wealth and devastating the ecosphere.

An insurrection rightly ought to be an attempted revolt, a phenomenon quite unlike the January 6, 2021 events at the national capital. Democrats have broadcast the events as an attempt at insurrection since they ran out of Russian collusion narrative material to control the political zeitgeist with extremely biased propaganda. Trump partisans that stormed the capitol believed they were trying to defend the constitution and democracy against hostile takeover comprising a coup by Democrat partisans stuffing the November 2020 election ballot boxes and machines with fake or ineligible votes and outright cheating. Rather than seeking to overthrow the government of the United States the ‘insurrectionists’ thought they were defending it and the constitution of the United States.

 The late historian of civilizations Arnold Toynbee observed that one of the prime causes for the fall of a civilization is the failure of a political economy to adapt to external challenges. Today the United States and global civilization faces several existential challenges to their economic methods they are failing to adapt to. Global capitalism has developed a rationale and belief to justify itself and its inability to adapt and change to ecological economic policies that reclaim environmental health and build social well-being. In error leaders compare Adam Smith’s 18th century political philosophy for the wealth of nations to Charles Darwin’s 19th century natural philosophy favorably; they believe that natural selection in  capitalism will evolve the optimal, necessary response to empirical adversity as a verisimilitude if evolution’s natural selection thus obviating the need for rational directed evolutionary political action and reforming thought.

 Political self-destruction is, in my opinion, an alternative mechanism for necessary political change that occurs for nations and civilizations when rational methods of adaptation are beyond the competence of political leaders. Paradoxically irrational social self-destruction may be construed as a civilization’s mass political sub-consciousness trying to express a positive adaptation to change that it cannot make consciously. The historical will of Western European nations to expand eastward into Russia actualizing in the present day via Germany’s will to annex Ukraine unto N.A.T.O. with U.S. support as the zeitgeist of plutocratic expansion may embody that latent trait to self-destruction developed because of the failure of select western leaders and politicians, media and minions to adapt successfully to the challenges presented by global demographics, environment and technological facts in-themselves. It is simpler intellectually to thoughtlessly continue economic expansion through conflict than to change and direct economic evolution toward planetary sustainability and capitalist egalitarianism and rebuild World War Two era alliances in new global ecological economic adaptations. Instead of inventing conflict with Russia, the United States and Europe should invent partnership and ecological economic partnership with Russia for progress. With an allied structure each nation should respect state’s rights to the maximum degree acceptable for social self-determination together with human rights.

  The U.S. plutocrat Soviet controls most of the nation’s wealth and receives most of the national income. It has outsourced and redistributed national production globally transforming the national economy into preponderantly a service and especially financial service economy reliant upon global plutocrat imports materially (with easy to inflate prices for the domestic consumer sector).

For some time, since the late Senator Harry Read was the Democrat minority and majority leader and Speaker Pelosi led Democrats in the House the Democrat Party has seemed to work toward one-party rule through any way possible. The party is itself a threat to Democracy equaled perhaps just b y the planetary plutocrat blue-blood wing of the Republican Party.

 Fake news of a partisan nature is in some ways a function of creators of media content interpreting and spinning social relationships and d events the way they want to hear them. Of course there are [plain fake news articles on content written or broadcast with the explicit intent to deceive to. Republican voters as well as Democrats have been swamped for a decade or more with partisan and biased news purveyed by corporate interests owned in past at least by plutocrats. The debacle of consuming the entire Trump administration with bogus accusations of Russian collusion to win the 2016 election helped Republicans and others to realize the proclivity to falsehood Democrat Party leadership supported. That in turn helped stimulate distrust in election results that were probably more or less accurate however.

   Maybe 30% of citizens will believe incorrect things from alien invasions or UFO visits to vaccines made to cause brain death. It is not illogical that Trump loyalists swamped with fake and biased news for years would turn out some that would protest the election results because of distrust of Democrats counting votes. To label those people as revolutionaries or insurrectionists was however m ore fake news narrative content from Democrat and plutocrat partisans that share many of the same objections, as the Democrat party is something like a corporate owned union.

Human beings migrated historical not simply for reasons of exploration or insufficient ecological conditions to sustain life, they also moved away from other humans and the natural human will to power. Migration to the United States generally saw humans moving away to a nearly unpopulated land with few natural human predators upon other humans. With the continent and nation ecologically full continuing immigration becomes counter-productive for long term occupancy. The U.S.A. may experience challenges such as that of residence becoming a revolving door as citizenship in the corporate concentration of wealth paradigm moves toward disposability; people are as disposable as products in the mass consumer society increasingly. Capitalist plutocrats will seek cheap labor and immigrant brain power to invent and produce products to further increase capitalist wealth. The situation may arise where retired citizens are encouraged to move abroad to live in Central And South America, Asia and India or China to free up living space and keep rental costs down. Perhaps for each U.S. citizen who emigrated permanently yet receiving a stipend monthly of $1000 two citizens of the receiving nation would be allowed to legally migrate to the U.S.A. if satisfying education and/or labor strength requisites. That kind of situation would be a fair human trade from the viewpoint of capitalist plutocrats, as American expatriates would bring spending and skills to poor countries while the U.S.A. receives an infusion of new brain and brawn.

Egalitarian capitalism with a purely free enterprise foundation would eliminate too big to fail corporate concentrations of wealth and are counter-productive to the good side of competition. When business ventures require large scale capital several companies could form ad hoc joint venture projects. Human civilizations on occasion experience implicit social challenges that require new institutional responses. Two striking examples are those of military and education. In the present world planetary, environmental, demographic and technological circumstance the new institutional challenge is to eliminate poverty nationally first with basic universal income, free walk in health care for the poor globally and environmental reclamation synthesized with business. The U.S.A. has failed those challenges so far and inertially plunges ahead with minion sycophants in support of tax cuts and hoary political philosophies of the past, lubricated with godless, senseless amorality beyond good and evil.

 Wealthy plutocrats like former President Trump comprise a small percent of the world population and wield a disproportionate degree of political power. It is somewhat amusing that the red state anti-Democrat decadence hero Donald Trump is a plutocrat himself rather than a blue collar politician up from the average like William Jennings Bryant pursuing rural political interests.

  Global plutocrats are a few thousand people that own most of the world’s wealth. As such they comprise somewhat of a behind the obvious ad hoc imperial empire. The major political forces of this era are stumbling g along toward forms of ad hoc imperialism globally supported by groups with historically imperial sympathies like Brits, non-Jewish Semitic tribes and so forth, as well as plutocrats and their collectivist employees of the corporate sector. Democrats in fact support the imperial movement against true democracy- one with financial egalitarianism and leadership, as much as anyone does, though unaware in most instances. American blacks historically preferred the Brits versus U.S. revolutionaries, and Hispanics with their culture too easily supported strong men dictators in plutocratic dress.

 American democracy may already be dead at the national level though it lives like a kind of zombie to vote for plutocraticly acceptable candidates. The broadcast media is a tool of plutocracy generally in support of interests that plutocrats favor such as homosexuality, abortion, trans-border trade and migration paradigms and low taxes on the rich while dumping public debt. Democrats fail to realize that ordinary people actually may dissent from those policies that they favor, and plutocrats are aware of how to manipulate the polity and divide the citizenry along racial issues of small economic meaning to the masses. Communist and other socialist and neo-socialist forms of collective economic behavior have moved toward supporting global elite rule too so far as to be able to merge to a degree with the economic goals and developments of plutocratic capitalist investors globally. This year the prospects for regulated free enterprise of an egalitarian sort with caps on the concentration of wealth or investments in more than three corporations per individual look as poor as the prospect of restoring a reasonable tax rate of 75% upon plutocrats.





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