Sure the Bible is True

Truth is a verification of a statement or proposition.Truth is relative and conditional except for One whom is everything in-himself (God). God precedes all contingent universes and fields, waves or forms. The One who eternally exists hasn’t a need to verify Himself or contingent facts He created, or is. Truth is for lesser beings with the possibility of falsehood, uncertainty and error. Here today, gone tomorrow in a manner of speaking, is humanity as a blade of grass as Solomon noted. All is vanity. The Bible, or Biblos meaning little books, is true in recounting that ti,me in Middle Eastern history. Most skeptics are searching for error rather than truth in it, and they tend to find that at least in misunderstanding it.

Jesus told Nicodemus that mankind need be born again, of the spirit. Mankind is born in sin, materially embedded in a thermodynamic field. All mass exists because 2-dimensional energy packets slow to sub-light speed in the Higgs field getting a 3rd dimension along the line of travel. Adam and Eve picked up those thermodynamic traits that exist for all in the Higgs field when they flunked obeying God’s instructions (sin) missing the mark of perfection required to be in the presence of God. Jesus Christ helps the elect with that, having shed His blood in atonement for the sins of people of faith in Him. Faith in the Lord brings one to spiritual rebirth, though still living in the thermodynamic, temporal field of being.





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