Concerning Infinity Multiplying Itself

Infinities are useful in constructing philosophical paradigms that can become dialogue in science fiction. Here are a few paragraphs on the topic of cosmology that I wrote.

“Quantum field theory; Q.F.T. describes some of the characteristics and strengths of quantum fields. Advanced Q.F.T. relates the behaviors of fields mathematically in relation to other fields occurring in four dimensions of space-time allowing fractional changes to the spin of constituent energy packets after they are converted into just numbers. One dimension points may be inducted with virtual fields and built between quantum field values with charges that adequately mirror quantum field objects; bringing into four dimensions and with higher maths and dimensions, virtual quantum fields.

“If numbers are fractions of a whole or have meaning only in relation to a series of numbers; infinities as it were in all directions except as arbitrary sets are delimiting paradigms Laura, why are numbers not infinite in quantity and size in every position and each dimension without any sort of delimiting structure at all? How can trans-finite series, as Cantor discovered, have any real or unique identity that would make them greater or lesser than every number that exists is an infinite continuum for all possible dimensions?”

“Victor, I would guess you wonder that because if numbers are the true foundation of all energy and mass, and gravity exists as well as thermodynamics in each universe, then obviously there is a process for changing sets that exist within the continuum of all possible numbers, at every possible location. Why would numbers develop temporally finite sets like squalls across an infinite sea? Are they echoes from the passage of an idea from the deity?

Why do numbers draw other positions together within a continuum that has infinite numbers at every location? What makes for an increase or decrease of value anywhere, if anyplace may as well be nowhere? 

Why would a spatial field; perhaps a field of charged virtual particles, upsurge like a hernia driving apart space-time, and appear within fields of a universe as elements with cardinal or ordinal differentiation in no-space? The quantity is infinite at every location, so the relative scalar difference of magnitude causality could be explained with dimensional intrusions.”





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