Simplistic atheists attack philosophical diversity

Atheists tend toward reduction of philosophy to the field of natural history including philosophy that is regarded as having entirely physical, evolutionary causes. In a sense those that virtual worship natural history to the exclusion of objective conceptualizing of philosophical concepts for-themselves, to be consistent, need eliminate rational thought as meaningful since that is physically deterministic phenomena. Philosophers can consider natural history inclusive of evolution paradigmata, yet also consider modal logic paradigms of an infinite supreme being (God) in regard to possible parameters of construction of infinite Universes and the how an eternal being spins off temporal universes while being omniscient –i.e. do all Universes always exist and subjective minds experience them as temporal journeying through ( ref. Tegmark’s Level 4 Multiverse).

I.M.O. proper theology belongs in a spiritual site, as anti-spiritual atheism belongs rightly in some Satanic theology site. Philosophical consideration of infinite being in relation to the temporal is simply another interest of philosophy; atheists proselytizing on philosophy sites trying to prevent philosophy that does more than consider natural philosophy sectarian bores.

Why does God let evil exist? A philosophical account differs a lot from a theological opinion. For one thing, humans have free will. The Bible differentiates between evil (natural disasters) and wickedness (the evil men do) said J. Vernon McGee. Humans also have original sin and per Aquinas are totally depraved, and per Calvin need be saved by the grace of God for they have no merit and can’t help themselves. The Universe in my opinion is a thermodynamic containment facility for beings ingesting energy and inclined to get rough to get the energy and blimp themselves up physically and socially; wickedness happens. A philosophical explanation is quite a bit different and too much to consider here.





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