Euro-tail Wags the Biden Admin Barking at Russia over Ukraine

 Listening for days to the media jingoism for war with Russia over Ukraine it seems evident the  administration is in the pocket of the 1% that desire a little more land and wealth east of Europe in to traditional Russian land. With no-brain U.S. political leadership European and former Pentagon general officers swell up like a lynch mob to take on the easy-peasy Russians in a show down over Ukraine.

With the least bit of diplomatic skills and negotiations the United States and Russia could have prospered dividing Ukraine along the Dnepr River. Ukraine could be a demilitarized free trade, tax free zone east and west. Apparently President Biden and the State Department minions learned nothing from the Cold War and division of Berlin and seek to repeat and improve on historical errors of the past. Ukraine isn’t part of N.A.T.O. at any rate. Ukraine isn’t even near the North Atlantic.

The United States isn’t a weak girly nation that needs to get all the girls together to take on Russian bullies because little Europeans are frightened and want to drive Russians back to Siberia where they belong with the U.S. Army and Air Force in a blitzkrieg  on any Ukrainian areas with Russian speakers or autonomy and political self-determination (what’s that?). The U.S. can cut a deal with Russia directly to stabilize matters- even stationing troops in Western Ukraine and get on to good and full diplomatic relations with Russia.

The United States likes to paint itself in a corner with interminable hillbilly conflicts and always  needs some place to invade to war for a while and exit with deficit spending being the victory to bring home. If U.S. leadership wasn’t so stupid it could find peaceful, prosperous ways to arrange international affairs. Not very difficult at all. Especially with Russia.





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