Polarized Intersections (poem)

 Polarize fields in vector space
intersect dimensions in place
particles through zones
qualities they own
spin to right
rise in sight

  Fields embed across the Higgs field
limit at light speed they can wield
Universal force
like a talking horse
of the norse
sword and shield

  Exogenous forces shape the new time
metered chords start to rhyme
forms recur in space
replicas too chase
crumbling race
rumbling grime
news at nine

  Recurrent algorithms find
limericks don’t talk prizes in brine
sweet atoms comfort
when mift freqs shock tort
welding glow
fuse below

  The world is a fast pork u pie
energy much slows to mass in sky
left right left right left
cadence hop shop curls left
heartbeat heft
wonder why

  God’s abacus set tensor space
with values of infinite grace
unknown field membranes
His power remains
puzzle plain
eternal pace.





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