Mulling over patches on the Russia narrative

Strange hearing expert blasts from the past speaking ahout public ragdio in support of the conflict-with-Russia narrative. Most recently former cheap of staff- the Moses Snake of Power holder Admiral Mullins, appeared with comments concerning Ukraine. Mr. Mullins if you remember, spoke before Congress during the Obama administration in support of homosexual marriage; making what seemed to be lustful sexpressions toward SecDef Bill Gates (or some similar potentatecy).

Extremists (audio-sic) who dissent with homosexual marriage might believe former madmiral Mullins ought to have been keelhauled, given 50 lashes from the cat-o-nine tails, hung from the highest yardarm, given a dishonorable discharge and fed to sharks, yet he would be a corporatist supporter of Russia as invaders of their former homeland narrative- like all paradoxically trending corporatists of government and public radio and is promotable. The plot thickens to a degree comparable to Ludlum’s Aquitane Progression. Maybe a half century of economic sanctions will follow the Reconquista of Ukraine rather than a soaking nuclear exchange of the usual suspects. The west may patiently wait for the elevation of a strong homosymp to the Russian Presidency to make things right for global corporatrism. If I could afford Bitcoins I would guess they are presently a good investment until the internet crashes with EMP. Pie-sus of eight might be fair substitute for those that passed the bar-d-har-vard.

I suppose this comment wouldn’t pass corporate muster with Ukraine initiative neo-cons, yek (that means spirit in Tlingit), however I am mostly censored anyway at Blogger with zero views these days per post so it won’t disturb anyone. Besides I have a photographic memory of everything I hear, so I need to comment while I can before the sound-waves fade away into the great oblivion taking them all.





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