Demos hold Green Reform Bill hostage to Demo Day Care Bill

 President Biden’s new try to get a day care for democrats bill through congress shouldn’t be packaged with an anti-global warming bill for it doubles the prospects of failure. Packaging two controversial bills together each with different opponents is simply senseless and appears to be even disingenuous. Old Joe Biden’s concern preference for old machine politics seems to subvert a modern green reform bill. Maybe the Demos are waiting for a female President to seem modern.

Anti-global warming technology and regulations sponsored by the US, government deserve a bill of their own with a work-around the objecting Senator Mansion who wants his coal cake conserved. There are innumerable anti-global warming bills one can pass that would let Black Lung Matters continue for the time being able to slow carbon emissions, heat absorbing asphalt sprawls, auto exhaust etc. that could be written into an Environmental Bill unobjectionable to Senator Mansion.

It should be possible to include more and better infrastructure in a Green energy anti-global warming bill to double-down on creating sustainable jobs and living conditions form the future. I especially like the super-conducting power lines within a liquid hydrogen cooled pipeline running along interstates underground that was featured in a Scientific American article years ago. To wean the nation off fossil fuels requires better, cheaper, more efficient alternative technologies to exist.

When voter-consumers walk into a store they will buy whatever is best generally. If two different products are available they will bin the better one in other words, so building the start of a super-conducting energy infrastructure nationally to energize very high speed electric trains in tubes, homes and business would be a good idea. California showed that getting even modest high-speed trains has a zillion costly challenges making it nearly impossible to upgrade/ President Biden is proving that Democrats are incapable of getting any kind of substantial energy bill passed, and that the rich don’t give a dirp about government efforts to move ahead on investments to reduce global warming enough to get Republican support for a pure clean-energy, infrastructure, anti-global warming bill.





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